Early Reviews & Video of Superman Ultimate Flight @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s new roller coaster, Superman Ultimate Flight is open for business. Unlike the other rides by the same name in the Six Flags chain, this Superman Ultimate Flight is not a flying coaster, it’s a compact launched roller coaster from Premier Rides.

From the early reviews I’m reading, it sounds like the park really has a winner on its hands. Some were concerned about the ride’s capacity and the possibility of long wait times, but so far riders are saying that the waits haven’t been too bad (except for during a ride malfunction). They have also noted Ultimate Flight’s forcefulness and very strong pops of airtime.

Here are some thoughts on the ride:

I could not be happier with this ride (unless they engineer the same brilliant transfer track mechanism of the Mr. Freeze coasters). It’s intense, smooth, frightening and amazing.
– Tom Zeliff on Thrill Network

Overall my favorite part of the ride is the extreme pop of air at the top and the really disorienting G’s at the bottom of the cliff hanger drop combined with the non inverting loop right after.
– Thrillgeek on ThemeParkReview

Coming out of the barrel roll into the vertical plunge there’s an INTENSE thrust of ejector followed by some very strong positive Gs in the loop. Basically you’re thrust upward just before being shoved downward… really insane feeling. —- Conclusion: SFDK has a GEM on their hands here. It really is a remarkable coaster and easily the best in Northern California!
– RAWKIN_coaster38 on Theme Park Review

Here’s an onride video of Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom:Superman Ultimate Flightis a compact, but thrilling looking coaster designed by Premier Rides.

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