Stuck on a Roller Coaster

Have You Ever Been Stuck on a Roller Coaster?

Stuck on a Roller CoasterIf you’ve ridden roller coasters quite a bit, then at one time or another you’ve likely found your ride suddenly put on pause. I know that I have. From an incident almost ten years ago on Predator’s peak to just this past weekend on Great America’s Viper, getting stuck is not unusual. In my experience, a ride op has always trekked out to my location to inform me and the other riders that everything’s fine and we’ll get moving again soon. Note the ride op with the neon green shirt on American Eagle in the picture above. There are the very, very rare cases when the fire department has to be called in, but all of my encounters have been run-of-the-mill and lasted at most 15 minutes.

An Opportunity for Good Customer Service

Obviously, an incident like being stuck on a roller coaster can be a harrowing experience for some. It’s Drink Voucher - Stuck on a Roller Coasternice when amusement parks realize this and try to make up for the bit of unexpected drama. After a 5 to 10 minute wait on one of Viper’s trains (caused by a clean up delay), my friend and I were given free drink vouchers. I know that other parks give exit passes that you can use to bypass queue lines.

So, if you’re like me and are comfortable with roller coasters and how they work, then you may not mind being stuck for a short while. We appreciated the extra time off of our feet as we’d been zipping around the park non-stop for hours. And, the free drinks were much appreciated on a hot day in Northern Illinois.

Have you ever been stuck on a roller coaster or some other type of amusement park ride? Were you scared or worried? Leave a comment below and vote in the poll below.[poll id=”79″][poll id=”80″]