Rampage Roller Coaster - Alabama AdventureI completely missed the news of Alabama Adventure’s transition to a water park. In a Geauga Lake-like move, the dry portion of the park will close and only the water park will remain. Its new name is Splash Adventure, and it sounds like its put some money into revitalizing the water park by adding attractions like a water maze. Obviously, the proverbial ship has already sailed and management has decided its best to let the dry park go. So, I won’t attempt to start a “Save the Rampage” petition. At least not one aimed at the current owners.

Rampage Roller Coaster – A Wooden Gem in the Deep South

For amusement parks in the market for an excellent wooden roller coaster, look no further! Fun wooden roller coasters are somewhat rare. Many range from tolerably rough to downright punishing. But Rampage was surprisingly smooth and incredibly fun. During a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia, I took a chance and trekked nearly 3 hours out to Birmingham, Alabama (6 hours round trip) mostly for this one coaster. And, I wasn’t disappointed. It offered great airtime throughout its interesting layout including an awesome helping of ejector air on the first drop (in the back seat).

In 2008, I described it this way: “Rampage has found the fountain of youth. Nearly 10 years old it runs like its brand new with speed and intensity without roughness.”

Read my full review of Rampage at Alabama’s Adventure. I gave it a 9.0 out of 10 (Excellent). And, it’s still in my Top Ten Wooden Roller Coasters List.

I’m not the only one that enjoyed this coaster. Rampage’s wikipedia page has a table chronicling the ride’s high rankings in Mitch Hawker’s Coaster Poll.

Rampage - Wood Coaster Poll Rankings

In case you’ve never ridden it, here’s a POV video of Rampage:

Note – This video was filmed with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster without permission.

If you’d like something more compact, the park’s Vekoma Boomerang, Zoomerang, is listed for sale here.

No parks come to mind as perfect homes for the Rampage. Has anyone heard of any heard of potential buyers? Can you think of a good home for this roller coaster? Leave a comment below. Image via (cc) Flickr User – Milst1

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14 Responses

    • Prof.BAM

      That won't happen. they are removing a terrible wooden coaster, they'll want a new wooden coaster/something else. It'll go to a smaller park or the junkyard. Hoping for the first option.

    • 1570626

      They wont get rid of the eagle. too many people like it. I personally dont but they could put it in Iron Wolf's Spot.

  1. rachael

    for your sake and the sake of the other people who loves this coaster, I hope it doesnt go the way of raging wolf bobs. or even worse the big dipper, which is still just sitting there, rotting away.

    • CoasterCritic

      Raging Wolf Bobs was another fun woodie. When I rode it, it had been re-tracked and it was surprise hit of my trip to that empty park.

  2. cft925

    Looks like a fun ride! This would be a good fit for Knoebels. The Phoenix is a coaster that was moved from Texas, and the Twister is a re-creation of a defunct coaster in Colorado. Both are arguably world-class coasters. As far as I am concerned, they can melt down the Vekoma Boomerang and recycle it as car hoods or something… There are already too many Boomerang coasters out there.

  3. Surya

    Not a lot of wooden coasters get relocated, due to the amount of work involved, so I don't have high hopes for this one, unfortunately.

  4. firewalk13

    raging wolf bobs and the big dipper were the first things that came to mind when i saw this headline. :-.(……

  5. Dyer Hendricks

    DollyWood in Pigeon Forge, TN might be able to put in an offer.

  6. Dyer Hendricks

    You may have to contact Dolly Parton herself and email or call her to tell her the issue. DollyWood needs another great woodie after thunderhead, a woodie, is about 8 years old and is, though still a fun ride, is getting a little boring.

    • RCTPro

      But if Screamscape is correct, they're possibly keeping an eye on Outlaw Run and may get tneir own awsome RMC woodie in the next few years, so if that's the case, then they have their plans in order, and it won't involve relocating a ten year old woodie that's 3,000ft long when they could possibly have a 4,000+ft long insanely twisted woodie, but the boomerang could go to Mount Olympus, and if I were in charge of that decaying park that's still open, that's what I'd do , and i'd have RMC convert the brutal Zeus into an iron horse,

  7. Josh

    Rampage is going to be refurbished and will re-open in place in Alabama. The Koch Family (Holiday World (IN)) just purchased the park and announced plans to re-open the thrill ride park (Alabama Adventure) as a second gate to the water park (Splash Adventure).


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