Eejanaika at Fuji Q Highlands

Rumor – B&M’s First 4D Coaster Could be in China or Spain

Eejanaika at Fuji Q HighlandsI recently received a rather interesting (You)Report from an international reader. I decided not to post the entire submission as it has appeared somewhere else already. Google’s not a fan of duplicate content. Anyway, it was about B&M’s development of a 4th dimension roller coaster. We’ve already heard that the company may some day evolve their wing coaster designs into a 4D design by having the seats rotate on their axis. But, the reader’s rumor included possible locations for the first prototype.

According to the development of this prototype, there are two parks interested in the acquisition of this prototype, Parque Warner Madrid (Spain) and World Joyland (China) because they have recently been working together with this designer.

– Mysterious Reader ‘Paul’

The timing was interesting as Lance reported receiving an email last week mentioning B&M’s 4D coaster development:

With the full scale international launch of their Wing Coaster design now behind us, I was reminded that they are still hoping to evolve the Wing Coaster design into their very own version of a 4th Dimension coaster style attraction, with rotating seats.
– Lance from Screamscape

Again, we’re in downtown Rumorville here, just a message from someone with an unnamed source, but there could be some validity to it. If the first B&M 4D coaster is a few years away and it will be made overseas (like the first wing coaster), then we may not see one stateside for three to four years at least.

What’s Your Take? Could B&M be working on a 4D coaster? Leave a comment below. Image of Eejanaika at Fuji Q Highlands via CC, Flickr user – Lox Tonnerre