X-Flight - Final Near Miss - Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Great America & St. Louis Trip

Countdown to Chi-Town & St. Louis

X-Flight at Six Flags Great America - Wing Rider CoasterNext week, I’ll be riding my most anticipated new ride of 2012 in Six Flags Great America’s X-Flight. Early reviews have been very positive. The ride appears to take advantage of the very exposed wing coaster riding position with a number of thrilling near-misses. Aside from X-Flight, I’m looking forward to fully experiencing Six Flags Great America. I’ve only ridden three of the park’s 13 roller coasters as some torrential rain forced me to cut my trip short. And, while I’m in that neck of the woods I’ll also be visiting Six Flags St. Louis for the first time. So, I’ll get to ride the revamped Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast and see what a backwards-facing launch is like.

Excited for Wood, Wind, & Water

Boss - Six Flags St LouisI’m particularly excited about the wooden coasters that I’ll get to experience on this trip. In general, there are fewer wooden coasters around and they tend to give unique experiences. In all, I’ll get to ride 6 woodies including a re-ride on the Viper (probably a top 20 woodie for me), the GCI twister American Thunder, and the massive terrain coaster Boss.

I was able to ride a few coasters at Great America and I enjoyed all three. Here are my Demon and Raging Bull reviews. I’m planning on having a review of Viper after my trip.

After riding Carowinds’ Windseeker earlier this year, I’m looking forward to comparing it to Six Flags St. Louis’ swing ride, SkyScreamer. I’m starting to branch out from roller coasters a bit. Soon, I’ll have a Pro Slide Tornado review up and continuing that trend, I’d like to give SFSTL’s new Bonzai Pipeline a try. It’s a water slide that starts with crazy free fall drop capsules. I just found out Great America has a similar ride in Dive Bomber too.

Six Flags St. Loius' Bonzai Pipeline

Have you been to Six Flags Great America or Six Flags St. Louis? Feel free to give me any ride recommendations or tips below.