Top 3 New Roller Coasters of 2020

Since it’s Thursday, I thought I’d bring back my old tradition of Top 3 Thursdays. For this edition, I’ll focus on the best looking new roller coasters opening this year, 2020.

Magma vs Frost Dueling Wing Coasters at NatureZone

A Long-Awaited Park Gets A Double Dose of Excitement
Houston’s first major theme park since AstroWorld will finally open this year. The key attraction will be a two wing coasters that will have breath-taking near misses reminiscent of when the Dueling Dragons used to actually duel. Starting with a launch the two coasters will play chicken as they give riders the sensation of a head on collision. At the last second, both trains will invert as they execute simultaneous Immelmans. Magma and Frost cross paths twice more before returning to their heavily-themed stations.

Kodiak Canyon Mine Train at Seven Flags Memphis

World’s First Transfer Track Mine Train Coaster Comes to Tennessee
Kodiak Canyon will take interactive roller coasters to a whole new level. We’ve seen rides like Rip Ride Rockit where guests can choose the song that they ride to, but on Kodiak Canyon riders will choose the layout that they’ll experience. At two brake runs during the ride, a switch track will redirect the trains if the riders have chosen a different path via the on-board vote buttons. This ground-breaking coaster will offer four different ride experiences, so expect lots of re-rides.

RobocoasterSuperTwist 3000 at Cajun Kingdom

An Inversion Inside of an Inversion
The first large scale robocoaster will feature a first-of-its-kind element. Robocoaster SuperTwist will invert riders during an inversion. One disorienting loop just isn’t enough these days. After flipping riders upside-down the robocoaster cars will quickly do a barrell roll and then the trains will complete the inversion. It’s cool to finally see the technology behind Harry Potter & The Forbidden Journey taken to a new level.

Note – This is a fictional post. I have not been to 2020. And even if I had, I wouldn’t tell you what I saw as that could mess up the time space continuum.Β Thanks for reading.

Which of these rides looks the best to you? What do you hope to see in the future? Leave a comment below.