Cedar Point Announces Wing Roller Coaster GateKeeper for 2013

Cedar Point -  Gatekeeper - 2013 Wing Roller Coaster

Today, Cedar Point is scheduled to announce their new 2013 thrill ride, GateKeeper. It will be a B&M wing roller coaster similar to Six Flags Great America’s X-Flight and Dollywood’s Wild Eagle. Over the weekend someone found a link to a page with information about the ride that the park had accidently made public. It has since been taken down, but we should get an official announcement later today. I’ll update this post with the full details about the ride then.

For now, we do have a few images of the ride to drool over. As the leaked memo suggested, GateKeeper will make a: “Front Gate Statement— a roller coaster that flies overhead, rolls and flies back— highly visible above guests entering the park.” The light blue wing coaster will feature two keyhole cut-outs like the one that X-Flight spins through.

Cedar Point -  2013 Wing Roller Coaster - Gatekeeper

Cedar Point -  2013 Wing Roller Coaster Train - Gatekeeper

GateKeeper’s Layout

GateKeeper Cedar Point - LayoutTrue to its name, GateKeeper will be an integral part of the revitalization of Cedar Point’s main gate. Guests arriving at the park will be welcomed by this massive wing roller coaster flying overhead. The layout begins in the area of the park that was formerly home to Disaster Transport and the Space Spiral. The 170-foot tall lift features a wing over drop that’ll invert riders 180 degrees before dropping them. After that, there’s an enormous-looking Immelmann loop, a 105-foot camelback airtime hill, and then a giant flat spin (similar to a corkscrew).

Next, riders will navigate a zero-g roll while spiraling through the two new support towers above Cedar Point’s main entrance. An inclined dive loop is the far turnaround point of the layout. It’s followed by an in-line roll that’ll provide another near-miss with the support towers once more. GateKeeper will finish with a brake run that’s follow by a drop and helix.

My Take – The Sleeping Giant Awakens

Many of us knew about GateKeeper’s details for a few months now. Just as I said then, Cedar Point’s 2013 coaster is much-needed now that it’s been five years since Maverick, the park’s last new roller coaster. I have to say that this looks like a really cool addition. I expected the World’s largest wing coaster stats and distinction, but I didn’t expect the cool support tower fly-throughs. Those near-misses and the ride’s location (that’ll cause jaws to drop before guests are even in the park) make it a smart addition.

The other elements that look interesting are the airtime hill and that inclined dive loop at the far end of the layout. After riding Wild Eagle, I can see how an airtime hill could be fun, but can’t imagine it’ll be as powerful as a hyper coaster’s airtime. Overall, GateKeeper will easily be one of the most anticipated new rides of 2013.

Here’s a video of Cedar Point’s GateKeeper:

What do you think of Cedar Point’s Gatekeeper? Leave a comment below.

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