Darien Lake Predator

Darien Lake Trip Coming Up

I’ll be taking a family trip to  Darien Lake soon. This will Darien Lake Predatorbe my third time to the park and also the third management company running the park . On previous trips, the park was run by Six Flags and PARC. Now it’s under Herschend’s management and  I’m curious to see if I notice any improvements. Herschend also manages Dollywood and Silver Dollar City.

The Predator has given me some pretty rough rides in the past, but after reading that it has new (well, newer) PTC trains from The Voyage I’m hoping that it’s worth another ride. Former loop record holder, Viper got a repaint as did the Boomerang coaster. It’ll be fun riding the MotoCoaster again as it’ll be my sister-in-law’s first launch coaster. I’ll also be taking her on Intamin hyper coaster, Ride of Steel, which will be quite a test for her. Other than that, this will be more of a family trip than one of my coaster trips. I’m sure the kids will like the new, expanded kids area Rowdy’s Ridge.

More about Darien Lake’s coaster rehab.

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