Hersheypark May Remove Roller Soaker

Roller Soaker - Hersheypark
Screamscape recently reported that Hersheypark will likely be removing the steel suspended coaster Roller Soaker this winter. The park dropped a hint about a roller coaster leaving the lineup at a CoasterCrew event. And now, Screamscape has pointed us to a for sale listing that looks a lot like Roller Soaker.

I never got to ride it, but I did ride a similar Setpoint coaster at Freestyle Music Park and Flying Super Saturator at Carowinds. Roller Soaker looked like a lot of fun. It was quite a sight to witness an epic water battle. Guests below took aim with water canons as riders flying overhead bombed their attackers with the 16 gallons of water that the suspended cars held. I doubt that the ride will be replaced with another roller coaster as Hersheypark will likely use the space for another water ride.

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