Alvey, Levine, & The Coaster Critic on The Season Pass Podcast

Joining The Season Pass Podcast at Dollywood

Alvey, Levine, & The Coaster Critic on The Season Pass PodcastMy last trip to Dollywood was back in 2006. I enjoyed GCI twister Thunderhead, terrain Arrow looper Tennesee Tornado, and the amphibious indoor coaster Blazing Fury. Since then, the park has added Gerstlauer looper Mystery Mine and America’s first wing coaster Wild Eagle. I’ll be returning to Dollywood tomorrow where I’ll be joining a taping of The Season Pass Podcast with host Doug Barnes, Arthur of the About Theme Parks Guide and Robb Alvey from Theme Park Review.

Dollywood’s a great-looking park and I’m looking forward to Wild Eagle. 81% of riders from my early reviews post rated it an 8 or above. It’s been described as: flawless, extremely re-rideable, gorgeous, with great leg choppers and an awesome setting. It’s a bigger coaster than America’s other new B&M wing coaster X-Flight. I’m curious to see if it’s a good bit more forceful or if wing coasters aren’t very forceful in general.

Watch my Twitter for updates and first reactions from my rides and experiences at the park:

The Season Pass Podcast is a great show. If you’d like to learn more about the amusement industry or just be entertained, I highly recommend it: The Season Pass Podcast

Here’s a video of Wild Eagle:

Note – These videos were filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

Do you have any tips or must rides for my trip to Dollywood? Do you have a favorite seat or side on Wild Eagle?