SkyScreamer - Six Flags St LouisMy recent trip to Six Flags St. Louis included a number of new roller coasters for me and one non-coaster that I was really looking forward to. I’ve written about the recent invasion of the swing rides at theme parks across the country. I’ve got the current count at 5 WindSeekers at Cedar Fair parks and 5 SkyScreamers Six Flags parks in only the past few years. This spring, I got to ride Carowinds Windseeker (review and video). So, I was looking forward to riding a SkyScreamer so that I could compare the rides.

Six Flags St. Louis’ SkyScreamer is a 236-foot tall Funtime Star Flyer. It lifts 32 riders via 16 sets of two chairs suspended from a star-shaped gondola. SkyScreamer uses chains like traditional chair swing rides. For me, the chains make the prospect of swirling around the park some 23-stories above the ground that much more intimidating.

There was virtually no wait on the Sunday afternoon that I was at the park. I hopped in an empty seat and before I knew it I was being lifted. As I rose, I felt much more vulnerable and out there than on WindSeeker. The view from the top was incredible. It gave a great perspective of the green hilly terrain of Six Flags St. Louis. As SkyScreamer reached full speed (43 mph), the g-forces were pretty strong. Then, the ride dropped maybe a third or half of the way down (while still spinning). After just a moment, we were lifted back up to the top for a short while more. Finally, the spinning slowed and we were all safely SkyScreamer - Six Flags St Louisreturned to terra firma.

Overall, SkyScreamer delivers a satisfying and thrilling ride. Spinning around the ride’s large, 98-foot radius generates a substantial amount of g-forces without being too intense or making you dizzy. Its height could make it quite a challenge for some. And, even if you’re not acrophobic or aren’t phased by the height, you can still enjoy an excellent view of the park and the surrounding area. SkyScreamer’s a must ride and for me it was a good change of pace from all of the roller coaster riding. Visit Six Flags St. Louis’ SkyScreamer page for more information.

Here’s a video of SkyScreamer at Six Flags St. Louis:

Have you ridden Six Flags St. Louis’ SkyScreamer or one of the other SkyScreamers at Great Adventure, Discovery Kingdom, Fiesta Texas, or LaRonde? What’d you think?

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  1. Matt

    I have ridden the one at great adventure. It was great. It reaches a good height (24 stories) and gives a GREAT view of the park. I love being way up high on rides and this might be the ride that keeps you at its max height for the longest time (as compared to roller coasters and drop towers.) My favorite thing about skyscreamer though is its very impressive view.

  2. Piedude81

    I've ridden the one at St. Louis since we live 25 minutes away. Review Mr. Freeze!

  3. Gearhart

    Got to ride the Great Adventure version, and it's definitely a solid addition to the park. It seemed a bit more forceful than the Windseekers and easily just as fun as the Mondial version. One of the better "flat" rides out there.


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