SkyScreamer - Six Flags St Louis

SkyScreamer at Six Flags St. Louis – Review

SkyScreamer - Six Flags St LouisMy recent trip to Six Flags St. Louis included a number of new roller coasters for me and one non-coaster that I was really looking forward to. I’ve written about the recent invasion of the swing rides at theme parks across the country. I’ve got the current count at 5 WindSeekers at Cedar Fair parks and 5 SkyScreamers Six Flags parks in only the past few years. This spring, I got to ride Carowinds Windseeker (review and video). So, I was looking forward to riding a SkyScreamer so that I could compare the rides.

Six Flags St. Louis’ SkyScreamer is a 236-foot tall Funtime Star Flyer. It lifts 32 riders via 16 sets of two chairs suspended from a star-shaped gondola. SkyScreamer uses chains like traditional chair swing rides. For me, the chains make the prospect of swirling around the park some 23-stories above the ground that much more intimidating.

There was virtually no wait on the Sunday afternoon that I was at the park. I hopped in an empty seat and before I knew it I was being lifted. As I rose, I felt much more vulnerable and out there than on WindSeeker. The view from the top was incredible. It gave a great perspective of the green hilly terrain of Six Flags St. Louis. As SkyScreamer reached full speed (43 mph), the g-forces were pretty strong. Then, the ride dropped maybe a third or half of the way down (while still spinning). After just a moment, we were lifted back up to the top for a short while more. Finally, the spinning slowed and we were all safely SkyScreamer - Six Flags St Louisreturned to terra firma.

Overall, SkyScreamer delivers a satisfying and thrilling ride. Spinning around the ride’s large, 98-foot radius generates a substantial amount of g-forces without being too intense or making you dizzy. Its height could make it quite a challenge for some. And, even if you’re not acrophobic or aren’t phased by the height, you can still enjoy an excellent view of the park and the surrounding area. SkyScreamer’s a must ride and for me it was a good change of pace from all of the roller coaster riding. Visit Six Flags St. Louis’ SkyScreamer page for more information.

Here’s a video of SkyScreamer at Six Flags St. Louis:

Have you ridden Six Flags St. Louis’ SkyScreamer or one of the other SkyScreamers at Great Adventure, Discovery Kingdom, Fiesta Texas, or LaRonde? What’d you think?