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Riding roller coasters at night can make for a very different experience. If you typically leave amusement parks before it gets dark or just haven’t found yourself on a roller coaster at night then I suggest you make an effort to make sure you ride your park’s best coaster after dark. I had what I’d consider an all-time top two or three coaster experience during a night ride on the Kings Island’s Beast.

After hearing, “Enjoy your 4 minute and 50 second ride” we were off. The train took a smooth right turn out of the station and we approached the lift hill. As always, the lift hill built the anticipation of the drop to come, but on this particular ride there was an additional treat.

A large pink moon hung over the dark wilderness that lightly illuminated the forest below. Riders were awe-stricken by the beautiful sight and now we were about to be treated to an unforgettable night ride on the Beast…. At night the barely visible trees were accented with fireflies. This was one of the most remarkable sights I’ve ever experienced on a roller coaster. The cool air in the woods was a welcomed relief from the humid stickiness of the packed station.

Beast at Kings Island Review -August 2007

Speeding through the wilderness that night on the last train was something I’ll never forget. More recently, I was treated to an incredible view of the Smoky Mountains at dusk from the top of Dollywood’s Wild Eagle. The rest of the ride was enhanced a bit by darkness as well. As fall approaches, it’ll start getting dark earlier so now’s the time to visit your local park and get a night ride in before the season’s over.

What are some of your favorite night rides on roller coasters? Leave a comment below. Awesome image of Led Zeppelin – The Ride courtesy of CoasterImage

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  1. Joe

    Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure. With the exception of the lift hill and station, there are no lights anywhere. It’s an amazing ride in the day, but a world class ride at night. My first night ride on Nitro is what turned me into an enthusiast. It was my first time in the park and it was during Fright Fest. There was a little bit of fog over the ride and coupled with the darkness, it made for a haunting atmosphere. It is by far my most memorable roller coaster ride.

  2. Theodore u

    The best night ride for me is riding the Thunderbolt. Right before closing. They turned out the lights. Now you can’t even see the valley

  3. Theodore Perkoski

    one of my favorite nite rides was at kennywood. I rode the last ride on the Thunderbolt, right before it closed for the night, and they turned off all of the lights. The vaalley was pitch black. can you imagine riding the Thunderbolt and not seeing where you were going.


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