It’s not every day that you see an implosion at a theme park or an observation deck come crash down to the ground. But, that’s exactly what happened at Cedar Point. On the morning of September 12th, a crew used explosives to implode the ride to make way for their record-setting 2013 wing coaster, GateKeeper.

Here’s a video from up-close taken from a camera near where the tower landed:

Here’s a video from afar with clips of Gatekeeper at the end. You can really hear it accelerate as it nears the ground and the cabin slides upward.

And, here’s the result of the impact. The ride’s cabin was smashed up pretty good.
Space Spiral Demolition - Implosion - Cedar Point

I know that there are many that will miss this attraction, but on the bright side you’re getting a great-looking new roller coaster that’s almost certain to be another quality ride from Bolliger & Mabillard.

Read more about CedarPoint’s GateKeeper.

Image courtesy of Ok,Ok,Alright I must admit Cedar Point is Freakin AWESOME!!!!

8 Responses

  1. SwimFreak

    I love showing people this video, many dont beleave it becouse it just looks so unreal.

  2. firewalk13

    I was a bit sad to see this, but more excited for things to come. SS was the first thing I rode at Cedar Point when I was just a wee bairn. I do kind of hope for a new Intamin Gyrotower some day.

  3. James

    I will miss this ride a little because this is all I remember during my first trip to cedar point when I was 2. Barely remember anything but the space spiral. I can't wait for gatekeeper though. It looks really awesome. Coaster Critic, Do you know who made the close up video? Thanks.

  4. Jesse Scott

    Shame that they had to tear down such family-friendly attractions…BUT, its for the bettering of Cedar Point and the roller coaster industry, so by all means, implode windseeker if you need to!

  5. Matthew

    What if that fell onto another ride? Because demolitions have gone wrong with explosives.


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