Ricochet at Carowinds - During Scarowinds

Coaster Crew’s Haunt Event Weekend

Coaster Crew Haunt Event WeekendI’ll be attending a Coaster Crew event this weekend. This Friday, October 17th through Sunday, October 19th Coaster Crew will be having their Haunt Event Weekend of Fright. Events differ by park, but they include: first access to roller coasters, behind-the-scenes ride tours, lights on tours of haunt mazes, a meal, discounts for fast lane fright lane passes, behind-the-scenes make-up tours, and even priority seating for shows. The event will kick off at Six Flags Great Adventure on Friday. Then Saturday will take the event to Kings Dominion. The event will wrap up at my current home, Carowinds.

More details here:Coaster Crew’s Haunt Event Weekend of Fright

Looking Forward to a Behind-the-Scenes Look

After my post a few weeks ago where I asked: Halloween-Themed Events: Gory Goodness or Gone Too Far?, you might be surprised that I’d be venturing into the dark-side of Carowinds. It was really more of a discussion topic than a negative rant.
Ricochet at Carowinds - During Scarowinds
I feel they may be going a bit too far (especially with advertising that anyone can see), but I had already planned on going to Scarowinds since it’s included in my season pass and I knew I’d need one more coaster fix before the off-season. I also cover theme parks and what good writer wouldn’t try to better himself by gaining a more informed view or opinion?

Now, I’ll be getting a completely different view of these events. Beyond the night rides on roller coastes, I’ll actually check out the shows, get to see the make-up and lights-on maze tours. I’m not expecting my opinion to change too much, but you never know. All of these family theme park trips have broadened my horizons quite a bit. I’m excited to see what makes these events tick.