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X-Coaster Could Be Leaving Magic Springs for Elitch Gardens

Arkansas amusement park Magic Springs recently announced that they’ll be removing one of their roller coasters. Here’s a snippet from their press release mentioning the removal:

HOT SPRINGS, AR (October 5, 2012) – Magic Springs Water and Theme Park announced today that X-Coaster will be retiring at the end of the 2012 season and that plans are underway for a major new water park addition in 2013. By visiting the park’s annual Halloween event, Magic Screams, guests can take their last flight on X-Coaster and enjoy all the spooktacular fun with family and friends.

Magic Springs Press Release

X-Coaster is a compact roller coaster designed by Maurer Sohne (the people that brought us Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit). It’s basically just a Similar Sky Loop Roller Coaster at World Joylandhuge, 150-foot tall loop with an in-line twist at the top.

ScreamScape reported this news and coupled it with a rumor about Elitch Gardens receiving a new coaster that sounds like this ride. So, one could deduce that this ride is headed from Hot Springs, Arkansas to Denver, Colorado; especially since both parks are a part of the CNL Properties family of parks that are now being managed by Herschend.

I’ve never been to Elitch Gardens or Magic Springs. I was in Denver for work once, but unfortunately it was during the winter. Both parks are further down on my list of parks to visit because neither have a decent-sized park nearby that I could group them with. On my longer distance trips I like to hit multiple parks to make the cost of the plane tickets worthwhile.

Have you been to Magic Springs or Elitch Gardens? Have you ridden X-Coaster? What’d you think? Leave a comment below. Image via CC – Flickr user Roller Coaster Philosophy