Great Coaster International - Back Track Wooden Shuttle Coaster

Great Coasters International Introduces the Wooden Shuttle Roller Coaster

Great Coaster International - Back Track Wooden Shuttle CoasterThis week at IAAPA (an amusement industry trade show) Great Coasters International unveiled a surprising new model. Back Track is a wooden shuttle roller coaster meant to be a family attraction. It has a footprint a bit smaller than a football field. Here’s more from GCI:

It’s 35 feet tall. It’s got 10 cars and it goes backwards and forwards just like a normal little shuttle coaster. It’s tamed down just a little bit for smaller children.

– Chris Gray of Great Coasters International (Theme Park Review Interview)

While I wouldn’t call the concept revolutionary I do think that it’s pretty unexpected. I figured we’d see a launched woodie first, but that might be because I’ve never even considered the concept of a shuttle woodie. I’m really loving all of the innovation that’s going on in the industry; especially the things that we’re seeing with wooden roller coasters. In the TPR interview, GCI even shares that the Millennium Flyers, GCI’s trains, are capable of performing a heartline roll!

You can watch the interview here. The GCI part is the first 13 minutes or so. While Back Track is only covered for a bit, it’s worth a watch for the other reasons as well. There’s mention of a top secret meeting room right there on the floor of IAAPA, and Gray shares the most interesting things they’ve unearthed during construction.

Here’s a promotional video of GCI’s Back Track Shuttle Wooden Coaster:

It’ll be fun to see where one of these wooden shuttle coasters show up first. Do you have any guesses? What do you think of this concept? Leave a comment below.