Casino Pier Amusement Park Sustains Heavy Damage from Hurricane Sandy

Images surfacing on the Web have shown part of Seaside Heights, New Jersey’s Casino Pier washed away by Hurricane Sandy. The aerial image below shows part of the pier ripped away and the Star Jet roller coaster now sitting in the ocean.
Casino Pier - Hurricane Sandy Aerial View of DamageStar Jet was a compact E&F Miler roller coaster that RCDB is already listing as defunct. Some of you may recognize the ride and Casino Pier from MTV’s The Jersey Shore. The show would often include shots of the park’s rides. CoasterImage has more pictures of Casino Pier.

Casino Pier - Hurricane Sandy - Before & AfterToday, Screamscape also shared that a number of other rides including the park’s haunted house were washed away as well. I’m not that familiar with the park and I’ve never visited. The only seaside amusement park in New Jersey that I’ve visited is Morey’s Piers. According to Screamscape that southern NJ park fared pretty well.

Hurricane Sandy Damaged Funtown Pier

A tweet by ACE shows an image of Seaside Park, New Jersey’s Funtown Pier which was also damaged by Hurricane Sandy. RCDB lists all of that park’s roller coasters as defunct with the statement: “It is presumed all the roller coasters were lost.”

Obviously the loss of human life is the most important tragedy when natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy occur. But, these amusement parks were staples in these communities. The economic and cultural losses will be felt for years to come. I hope and pray that these parks will be able to recover and rebuild.

Have you been to Casino Pier or Funtown Pier? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Pianostar

    Hi CoasterCritic!
    So yes, that Hurricane was AWFUL. I didn't like it at all. But also, I knew that Star Jet would fall apart. But, Star Jet wasn't demolished as bad as I thought it was be! It looks pretty intact, just a helix got knocked out. Surprising because the pier collapsed below it. ThemeParkReview (TPR) hated this ride. Robb Alvey just LOST it. What was your review on the ride? Also, is that ride made by the same company who made all those "Galaxi" coasters?
    ~Pianostar 🙂

  2. Seth Brown

    I'm actually surprised by how much the coaster is intact, seeing as it appears to have lost the boardwalk beneath it, and has moved several meters from where it originally stood. Such a shame, though.

  3. Kim Airs

    I grew up 5 miles from Seaside. I'm really sad about the damage which will take a loooong time to repair. That corner of Casino Pier always had a roller coaster on it, sometimes good ones, sometimes lame ones. In 1963, when I moved down there, it was the Wild Mouse, and of course, being only 5 years old, it was impressive! Who knows if the Star Jet was the same one! (I doubt it though…) Get better soon, Seaside, for future generations….

    • John

      Hey Kim.The Wild Mouse you are refering too was on the opposite side of the pier in the early 60's where the Log Flume was destroyed..They had a Zyclon coaster for two years after that called Hells Angels, after that was the original Schwartzkopf Jet Star from Great Adventure moved in 1970 sold for scrap in 1999. In the location where that was was the StarJet, and we all know what happened there. It has a lot of non-visable damage, close up parts of the lift hill are damaged as well as the breaking system and many structural parts. I agree Seaside Hts and Park will heal and be better than ever.

  4. Frank

    This Star jet had been there since 2000, replacing the aging Jet Star. I last rode this Star Jet in June 2012 and it was pretty decent for a family compact. I'd say it was the best coaster from either pier in Seaside, but Funtiown's loop coaster may have been compatible to some. It's very safe to say all Funtown Pier's coaster look damaged beyond repair. The wild mouse style yellow one at Casino Pier looks like it did survive though.


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