Knott's Berry Farm - Coaster Rider - 2013 Roller Coaster

Knott’s Berry Farm to Add Coast Rider & Flat Rides for 2013

For a while we’ve been wondering what Knott’s Berry Farm was going to add for their rumored 2013 roller coaster. There was a huge giga-sized rumor for a while and then buzz about a smaller coaster. The latter has come to fruition as Knott’s Berry Farm has announced Coast Rider for 2013.

Coast Rider is a large Mack wild mouse roller coaster. They’re also adding flat rides Surfside Glider and Pacific Scrambler. In the image below you can see the flat rides in the foreground using the area where Perilous Plunge used to be. Behind them and to the right, you can see Coast Rider.
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Watch a video of a similar roller coaster, Legoland Florida’s Technic Track Coaster:

Does Knott’s Need More Family Attractions?

I doubt that a smaller coaster like this is going to boost attendance a whole lot, but I’d like to hear what locals think. Are family rides a need for Knott’s? The park already seems to have a number of compact coasters like Pony Express and Sierra Sidewinder. You also have to keep in mind the demographic that the park might be after. Maybe they’re happy with just Xcelerator, Silver Bullet, and Ghost Rider as their thrill rides. And they’d just like to counter the thrill park Magic Mountain, with a more family-friendly roster. I don’t know, I’m just speculating about the park’s strategy. Again, I’d like to hear from locals and those more familiar with the park.

What do you think of this news? Do you think this will be a good addition for Knott’s? Leave a comment below and vote in this poll.[poll id=”92″]

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