Hobbit - Middle Earth - Lord of the Rings - Theme Park - Islands of AdventureI came across an interesting rumor on Screamscape recently. Apparently there may be plans for a Hobbit-themed area at Islands of Adventure. And according to this article, Universal even used the success of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to convince the Tolkiens that they could create a successful project that’s true to the source material.

Could Harry + Hobbits = Too Much Fantasy?

I hadn’t thought of this until Lance mentioned it, but would having the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings and a Harry Potter-themed area in the same park be too much fantasy for some? I have friends that can’t get into anything based on fantasy. They prefer their adventures to be more ‘realistic’, cop shows, courtroom dramas, etc.

In my opinion, Universal would benefit so much from fans of Tolkien’s work so much that it would off-set the loss of potential guests that don’t like the fantasy genre. Those guests can still enjoy the movie and TV-themed attractions found next door at Universal Studios. That’s my take. What do you think?

Where Would Middle Earth Be Built?

Where in the Islands of Adventure would they build Middle Earth? It may be tough to guess until we know where the second phase of the Wizarding World will be built. I’m not following that park’s developments closely, so if it’s already known, let us know in the comment section below. Screamscape mentions Toon Lagoon as a possible location for this Hobbit-themed area.

While it looks awesome, I’ve thought that the Lost Continent area between Suess’ Landing and the Wizarding World could be used for something that people could identify with more. But, I’m not sure that it’d be a good idea for these two fantasy-themed areas to sit right next to each other. We won’t have no for quite some time as it’s said that this new land won’t be created until 2015 or 2016.
Islands of Adventure - Lost Continent - Mythos

What’s Your Take?
Should Universal Studios Islands of Adventure create a Hobbit-themed Middle Earth area? Where would you like to see them build it? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Prof.BAM

    It would make more sense to replace Marvel Superhero Island with it. Hulk could become Smaug/Nazgul. Dr. Doom's Fearfall could be Sauron. Potter phase 2 is going in at Universal Studios (gringotts coaster is taking over Jaws Area). Remainder of Lost Continent is becoming Hogwarts Express train station.

  2. Camryn

    The way I see it, some people already aren't huge fans of Islands of Adventure due to the fact that they tend to focus more on the fantasy side of the park. I've never been, so I'm not saying this for sure, but it also seems like the park would become a little too cluttered with another large themed area. A Hobbit-themed attraction or two would be seemingly fitting, but they shouldn't go all out with this opportunity like they did with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It would repel too many anti-fantasy visitors.

  3. Mike M.

    Nothing in the world of Middle Earth exactly screams “theme park attraction” to me. Just in my opinion as an Orlando local, I don’t think Marvel Superhero Island should be touched. The Hulk and Spider-Man rides are IoA’s bread and butter (next to WWoHP now). Universal has the rights to keep those rides indefinitely so it’s not like there’s a need to change anything there.

    My vote would be to swap out Jurassic Park Island. I still don’t know why it’s even there. We’re talking about a hit movie from 20 years ago. Yeah, kids like dinosaurs, but that section of the park is terribly outdated. I think the world of Middle Earth could translate well to that area. Instead of velociraptors and T-Rexs, dilos, and compys, you can have orcs, trolls, and dragons. The Jurassic Park River Ride could easily be incorporated to a LoR or Hobbit ride (the indoor section could be converted into the Mines of Moria perhaps? T-Rex turned into the Balrog? Gandolf’s classic “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!” before the final drop? That would be awesome.

    Pteradon Flyers could easily be converted into Eagle flyers. There’s nothing else really of note in Jurassic Park Island that would need to be kept. The Visitor Center and Nature Trail could be swapped for Rivendell perhaps? At the very least, I don’t think there needs to be a huge area of the park dedicated to Hobbit/LoR. And with Jurassic Park being the most outdated section of the park and also with the fewest content, I don’t think people would care one way or the other if it a replacement was “fantasy” or not.

    What do you guys think about that?

  4. Mike M.

    Oh yeah, and while my creative juices are flowing, does anyone here NOT think that the iconic “lighthouse” at IoA be changed to the Eye of Sauron if this Hobbit thing does happen? Just saying…

  5. Matt P

    I don't think it is a good idea. I like the park the way it is. Universal should focus more on putting new rides and attractions to the already existing lands than making new lands. And it would be crazy to have both Harry Potter and the Hobbit in the same park. And they better not replace Superhero Island with it, that would be a terrible decision. Superhero Island is, in my opinion, the best part of IOA, and without the superhero theming, regardless of what theming would replace it, it just wouldn't feel right. I think Harry Potter and The Hobbit have too many similarities to have both of them in the same park. They both have wizards, strange creatures, and much more in common. I think they should leave IOA the way it is. Just put in new rides.

  6. Dylan

    Doesn’t Disney own marvel now?? That actually would make sense for them to rethink something for superhero island. Also, hell no it’s not too much fantasy. It’s a theme park what would you expect? Superhero island, dr Seuss, toon lagoon all = fantasy. I don’t understand how that question even got brought up.

    • CoasterCritic

      I think Lance meant fantasy in the sense of dragons, magic, and wizardry, etc. You know, old-world fantasy of that nature. Not the larger umbrella of fantasy that you mentioned.

  7. Ryan

    I think toon land would be a good spot, because i can easily see like the rip saw falls, and popeye water rides converted into the hobbit. That area also lacks some good themeing that appeals to today’s generation.

  8. Bob

    Hobbit 2 felt like a ride especially in 3d. Plus it’s also passed the test of time. The books were written in he 60’s or something.
    I luv Jurassic park it needs to be updated especially with an upcoming movie.
    The same goes for marvel island the movies keep getting better they need to update and expand those areas.
    I do look forward to avatar themed park @ Disney, that should be cool


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