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Hobbit-Themed Area Could be Coming to Islands of Adventure

Hobbit - Middle Earth - Lord of the Rings - Theme Park - Islands of AdventureI came across an interesting rumor on Screamscape recently. Apparently there may be plans for a Hobbit-themed area at Islands of Adventure. And according to this article, Universal even used the success of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to convince the Tolkiens that they could create a successful project that’s true to the source material.

Could Harry + Hobbits = Too Much Fantasy?

I hadn’t thought of this until Lance mentioned it, but would having the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings and a Harry Potter-themed area in the same park be too much fantasy for some? I have friends that can’t get into anything based on fantasy. They prefer their adventures to be more ‘realistic’, cop shows, courtroom dramas, etc.

In my opinion, Universal would benefit so much from fans of Tolkien’s work so much that it would off-set the loss of potential guests that don’t like the fantasy genre. Those guests can still enjoy the movie and TV-themed attractions found next door at Universal Studios. That’s my take. What do you think?

Where Would Middle Earth Be Built?

Where in the Islands of Adventure would they build Middle Earth? It may be tough to guess until we know where the second phase of the Wizarding World will be built. I’m not following that park’s developments closely, so if it’s already known, let us know in the comment section below. Screamscape mentions Toon Lagoon as a possible location for this Hobbit-themed area.

While it looks awesome, I’ve thought that the Lost Continent area between Suess’ Landing and the Wizarding World could be used for something that people could identify with more. But, I’m not sure that it’d be a good idea for these two fantasy-themed areas to sit right next to each other. We won’t have no for quite some time as it’s said that this new land won’t be created until 2015 or 2016.
Islands of Adventure - Lost Continent - Mythos

What’s Your Take?
Should Universal Studios Islands of Adventure create a Hobbit-themed Middle Earth area? Where would you like to see them build it? Leave a comment below.