Spinning Coaster Undertow Coming to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a hundred-plus year old amusement park on Northern California’s coastline. It’s home to the classic woodie Giant Dipper, that’s been given National Historic Landmark status. In 2013, it will also be home to a new Maurer Sohne spinning roller coaster called Undertow.

Undertow be replacing an old E.F. Miller coaster called Hurricane after 20 years at the park. So, while Undertow’s not a big coaster by any means, it’ll likely be a solid replacement for an aging ride like Hurricane. I’ve never ridden Hurricane, that’s just my guess. What’s your take?

Learn more at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s site. And, check out this video about Undertow:

I’ve yet to do a theme park trip in this part of California, but 2013 could be a good year to do one. There’s the new GCI woodie Gold Striker coming Great America and last year’s Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to check out in that same part of the state.

How does Undertow look to you? Do you think it’ll be a good replacement for Hurricane? Leave a comment below.