Six Flags Fiesta Texas has posted a video of Iron Rattler in test mode. We get to see the entire ride in a mostly point-of-view perspective and it looks great! We also get a nice look at the detailed snake-heads on the front of the trains and the rattler tails on the rear.

Watch a test video of Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas:

The covered section at the bottom of the first drop is new. It wasn’t in the teaser video and I’m not sure if it’s permanent. I’d prefer it without that ‘roof’, but maybe it’s there to protect riders from the second train, from falling objects from a first train that would be passing overhead. Although, you wouldn’t think that the trains would be run that close together.

I am curious as to what they’re going to do with the land at the top of the cliff. It looks quite barren right now, but I’m hoping that they’ll do something whether it be from a theming or landscaping standpoint. It looks unfinished, so I’m hopeful they’ve got plans for that area.

Aside from a few cosmetic things, Iron Rattler’s looking great. The exciting elements and use of the park’s unique terrain were the reason why I made it my top pick for the best-looking new ride opening in 2013.

What’s Your Take?
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  1. CoDAce

    From what i can tell they can’t since there’s no MCBR on the ride and from what i know about block brakes (well, at least from what RCT2 and RCT3 have taught me) the train would stop at the top of the lift until the train on the track has cleared that section, and that section is at the end of the ride, though it should be able to keep the 3-train opperation with how the brakes are laid out, which is a good thing BTW,
    But my take on the ride, I honestly don’t like the trains, but other then that the ride looks amazing, and I’m surprised at how much of the original Rattler’s length was in the helix as Iron Rattler is about 2,000ft shorter, and all of that because they took out the giant helix,

    • Joel

      Yes. I guess hadn’t noticed that large difference in track length, but thinking back to my ride on it as Rattler, it did feel like I was in that helix for a while, but I thought it was because it was so rough 🙂

  2. Jo.E

    I love that tunnel rough the quarry wall! Wish I had an excuse to go to Texas! On another note, Coaster Critic, I’m going to Ohio this summer and have two days to spend at any amusement parks. I was wondering, would you recommend two days at Cedar Point or one day at Cedar Point and another at Kings Island? I would love to experience Beast, but my trip will be the middle of July on a Friday and Saturday when amusement parks are generally packed, and I don’t know if only one day at Cedar Point would be enough to experience it. I won’t be back in Ohio for a very long time.

    • Joel

      Tough question. First off, I’d say that if you can afford it, you might want to invest in a line-skipping pass. Since it sounds like you want to experience as much as you can and you won’t likely be back for a long time.

      I guess you have to ask yourself when you look back at your trip, would you be happier knowing that you got to experience everything Cedar Point had to offer or that you got to experience the best of two really good parks. Also, are you mostly just interested in riding roller coasters or would you also want to make sure you can experience other attractions too?

      Personally, I’d split up the trip and do one park one day and the other, on the other day. But I’d be okay missing out on some of the coasters and wouldn’t ride but a few non-coasters. It depends on what your goal is, if that makes sense.

    • Nick

      Do both parks. Cedar Point is doable in one day even on a weekend in July.

  3. Dillon

    The mid-part of the ride does look a little empty, and I think the ride looks tame. But the rest looks fantastic. I hope to make a trip to Texas within the next few upcoming years. I’d love to ride New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler in one trip!

    BTW, Joel, the CCB’s new look is great!

  4. anthony

    in my opinion i was a bit dissapointed in the actual preview it seemed more intense i think outlaw was a lot better

  5. Dru

    Those high banked 90 degree turns look a bit “Mavericky”
    I need to go to Texas… Never thought I’d say that… HA!

  6. Steve

    I was one of the lucky people cast in Six Flags’ Iron Rattler Coaster commercial. I rode her 24 times before the shoot wrapped. Really wanted to get to 24. The video does not do the ride justice. The barrel roll is a zero G barrel roll which means you are weightless as you roll through for about 1 sec. First hill is incredible and the run over the cliff is actually my favorite part of the ride. But to each their own. Six Flags knocked one out of the park with this ride! Great job SF!


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