Cedar Point’s GateKeeper is now taking test flights. Cedar Point posted a video that includes footage of the new wing roller coaster in action including views of the wide trains passing through the awesome keyhole cut-out structures.

Check out this great test video of GateKeeper at Cedar Point:

Those are some lucky water dummies. This looks like a great ride and should at least be on par with wing coasters like Dollywood’s Wild Eagle and Six Flags Great America’s X-Flight.

Read more about GateKeeper. And also visit Cedar Point’s official GateKeeper site.

How do you think it looks? Leave a comment below.

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  1. firewalk13

    I’m hoping to be present at media day but if not then soon I’ll be riding it soon enough, I can’t say how excited for this. It looks amazing, graceful and a bit fierce, and just awesome!

  2. Susan

    Have booked Fast Lane passes for June, cannot wait to ride Gatekeeper (plus all our other favourites) without waiting in a queue. Have never been on a winged coaster, we are very much looking forward to it!!

  3. Mrod

    So I ran across this blog unexpectedly, and saw this latest post. And I guess just putting in my opinion; this ride does nothing for me. After having done x-flight I kind of dont care. The structure and idea behind it going over the main gate is awesome, but that’s about it. It looks pretty. But what else is this ride gonna do besides extend in all directions what two other winged coasters already do? after having done eejanaika and x2, I don’t understand the gimmick in putting up winged coasters….they’re basically b&m floor less’ with seats on the sides; loud and no punch.

    • Joel

      I’d probably be a bit more enthused about the ride had I not ridden X-Flight and Wild Eagle, but I still think GateKeeper looks great. You’re pretty much right that wing coasters are like B&M floorless coasters with seats on sides, but there is something to be said for the “out in space feeling” and having nothing above or below you. Also, while they’re no where near as ground-breaking at this point as X2 was, that doesn’t mean wing coasters don’t deserve some excitement and have a place in the coaster market. They’re better rides for the general public. Heck, I probably prefer them to X2. That was like a torture device on rails. I say that mostly in a good way, but the more I think of it, wing coasters make more sense to me than 4D coasters do. If I was a park owner, I’d definitely lean towards building a wing coasters than a 4D coaster.


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