Drop Zone at Kings Dominion

What's Your Favorite Non-Roller Coaster Ride?

Drop Zone at Kings DominionThis might seem like an unusual topic for an edition of Coaster Questions, but I probably don’t give flat rides and other non-roller coasters enough attention. Let’s face it, a theme park that had nothing but roller coasters wouldn’t be complete. Every park needs a nice supporting cast of smaller thrill and family rides.

For me, drop rides have always been a favorite. They can really get the adrenaline going even more than some roller coasters. The long slow climb, ride ops that tease before dropping riders, and that exhilarating fall all add up to a memorable experience.

I’m not a huge fan of flat rides that spin too much. So, I wasn’t sure I’d like Dollywood’s Dizzy Disk ride when I decided to ride it last summer. Consisting of a half-pipe of coaster-like track, a round carriage that has riders facing outward, the ride spins the carriage as it rolls back and forth on the track. Thankfully, I didn’t get dizzy at all and I got a little pop of air at the top of half-pipes every once in a while. I’ll definitely ride one of these if I happen to see one again.

California’s Great America has an extended version in Tiki Twirl (Formerly Survivor: The Ride).┬áIt has a small hill in the middle of the half pipe that likely provides another opportunity for some airtime. It’d be great to see one of these at Carowinds.

What’s Your Take?
What are your favorite non-roller coaster rides? Leave a comment below.