Which Theme Park Do You Want to Visit the Most?
Is there a theme park that you’ve been wanting to visit for years, but still haven’t made it to? For me, there are a pair of European parks that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. In Top 3 Most Wanted European Theme Parks, I chose Germany’s Europa Park as my #1 most wanted Euro park, but that was before I knew about Alton Towers’ The Smiler.

It’s very close as I think Alton Towers just looks like a really neat park with all of the greenery, rides like Nemesis (pictured above) that use the park’s terrain, and the castle. I get a sense that the theming and atmosphere at Alton Towers might put it over the top for me now, but again it’s very, very close.

Europa Park’s coaster lineup is very strong with rides like 2012’s Wodan and B&M hyper coaster Silver Star. From my runner-up park, here’s a POV video of bluefire megacoaster at Europa Park

Note – This video was filmed with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

What’s Your Take
What theme park or amusement park do you want to visit most that you’ve never been to? It could be state-side or international. Image via Creative Comons – Flickr User Roller Coaster Philosophy

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  1. SVL

    I’ve now been to most parks that where high on my list, but there’s still a couple I would like to eventually visit. Some of those are: Holidayworld, Six Flags over Texas Kings Island, the Bush Gardens parks and Canada’s Wonderland.

    As for the European Parks, I would indeed recommend Alton Towers, Thorpe and Europa Park, but there’s one park that is often forgotten that should be on top of anyone’s list: Mirabilandia. It doen’t have a bit coaster lineup, but it does have Katun, one of the best B&M inverts I’ve ever ridden, and iSpeed which is in my top 5 best coasters evah 🙂 And if you’re going to Europapark, there is no reason not to visit Holiday Park with Expedition GeForce 😉

  2. Mike

    I think SFMM and Canada’s Wonderland are on my list. The abundance of coasters, quality and uniqueness(X2) makes SFMM a must visit park. Maybe I’ll get out there one day. Although Canada’s Wonderland has many coasters their line up just seems like a bunch of “unfun” coasters to me with the EXCEPTION of Behemoth and Leviathon which I must admit I really really want to ride!!! As far as parks I’ve been to I feel Six Flags Great Adventure and Cedar Point are ultimate coaster destinations. They both have quality and quantity. I know Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka aren’t considered to be “Top” coasters but they give some of the biggest thrills I’ve ever had on any coaster. Add in rides like El Toro, Nitro and Milennium Force, Maverick as well as many others and these parks are just so much fun!!!

  3. Gearhart

    The Tokyo Disney resort looks absolutely amazing and one day I will drag my butt over there and visit. As it so happens though a buddy of mine has brought up the prospect of going to Europe next summer and very close behind TDR is Alton Towers, Europa Park, and Disneyland Paris in order of most wanted, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to check those off in 2014. Liseberg just popped up on radar as well with Projekt Helix coming, combine that with Balder and that could be a nice 1-2 punch. Too much good stuff in Europe

  4. The Coaster Guy

    Even though I’m really into coasters, I’d have to say that Disney’s Tokyo properties would be at the top of my list. From everything I’ve read, they are by far the best theme parks in the world.

  5. Anonymous

    My most wanted amusement park would be Six Flags Magic Mountain. They have 17 roller coasters (18 when Full Throttle opens)…Wow! Especially want to ride X2 and Tatsu.

  6. ethan

    The park I think I’d really enjoy is Busch Gardens Williamsburg. They’ve go an awesome line up of rides. You have Apollo’s Chariot, Griffin, Alpengheist, Lochness Monster, and Verbolten. They also have Curse of DarKastle, one of the best dark rides of all time. Plus I just love the theming. Theme Parks really grab me with the theme. I love the European architecture parks the most like Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Europa Park. Maybe next summer if we can visit Virginia, I’d want to go here. Actually more so than Kings Dominion.

  7. Rajan

    Worlds of fun. Want to go on the prowler and patriot. I have been to sfmmm because it is only a four hour drive. I am a total sucker for gci woodies. That being said i loved apocalypse and gold stryker

  8. Matt McIrvin

    It was Walt Disney World, but I just went there. Now… probably Knoebels.

    And I haven’t been to Busch Gardens Williamsburg since the days when the Drachen Fire was running; though it was my home park when I was in college, from a coaster perspective it practically counts as a park I haven’t been to, and I would love to go back there.

  9. Matt McIrvin

    I think the only two European parks that would interest me enough that I’d actually be tempted to visit on a trip there would be Alton Towers and Europa Park.

    I’m sure the amusement parks of Europe are as fine as any; it’s just that after flying across the ocean I generally have other things to see than amusement parks, which are in plentiful supply on my own continent. But those two sound pretty special.

    Alton Towers is a very unusual case of a huge major park that has had to work around zoning regulations that keep it to a height limit as strict as Canobie Lake’s, and their workarounds for the problem sound as if they resulted in some absolutely unique experiences. Sometimes constraint is the mother of creativity.

  10. Marcia

    Since I have absolutely 0 chance to go to any park outside the U.S. and practically no chance of going to any outside the east coast, the ones I really want to go to are:

    Six Flags Great Adventure (MAYBE in 2014)
    Hersheypark (MAYBE in 2014)
    Kings Dominion (Probably in 2014)
    Magic Kingdom
    Busch Gardens Tampa
    (The last 3 there’s a possibility I can go in December, but I’m not holding my breath…:P)

    My parents don’t like amusement/theme parks all that much and my sis is a chicken about roller coasters….they all need serious help!;) :P:)

  11. Matt McIrvin

    I also have problems finding family/friends who will ride on them with me. My sister avoids inversions but is a big fan of wooden coasters, and her husband likes the crazy steel ones; I’d like to go back to Hersheypark, KD or BGW (despite its lack of woodies) with her family, which seems like a reasonable thing to hope for.

    • Marcia

      It’s annoying, right? Like it should not take 4 BGW visits, the first being in 2012, to ride all the roller coasters. (Well, I’ll excuse the first time because it stormed after ONLY riding Loch Ness, but anyhow…) And taking nearly 2 hours to eat lunch is a total waste of time…I’d rather be riding something, lol.
      My family’s worse: My dad gets sick on almost everything. My sis hates airtime, launches, lap bars, doesn’t like her feet dangling, etc,etc. Oddly she doesn’t mind inversions though. And my mom will ride if she’s at a park, but she won’t do anything more than once ’cause it’s ‘boring’. 😛
      Ok, enough with my dumb rant here.:)

      • Matt McIrvin

        Well, it’s always possible to ride them alone, but I always feel a bit guilty/sad abandoning the rest of my party to ride a ride.

        That just inhibited me at Walt Disney World: Space Mountain spited me by being broken down when my Fastpass+ time came up. Under the current system, when that happens, the Fastpass becomes transferrable to any attraction at any time; if you want, you can come back later when they get it running.

        But the only other person who actually wanted to ride Space Mountain with me went back to the hotel, so I ended up using the Fastpass on stuff other people wanted to do. Which was fine, but I still missed Space Mountain.

        Most of the people I know who will ride roller coasters refuse to ride ones with inversions. And my wife got so freaked out by Boulder Dash that she now stays away from anything with big drops/airtime as well. So when we go to parks, she usually does something with my daughter while I go on the big rides.

        But I suspect my daughter is already a coaster fan in the making; she can’t wait to be 48 inches tall. She might be another inversion-phobe, though (she’s already tall enough for the sooperdooperLooper, but wouldn’t go on it…)

        I shouldn’t complain, because I basically refused to ride on coasters at all until I was a teenager.

  12. Joe

    I have quite a few. I don’t travel much, so I haven’t been to many parks outside of the NY/NJ/PA area where I live. Some of my top parks listed in no particular order:
    Cedar Point
    Kings Dominion
    Kings Island
    Canada’s Wonderland
    Six Flags Magic Mountain
    Six Flags Over Texas
    Six Flags Great America
    Six Flags New England
    Busch Gardens Williamsburg
    Busch Gardens Tampa
    Nagashima Spa Land
    Europa Park
    Thorpe Park
    Alton Towers

  13. Joshua hall

    You know what I think ? I think Thorpe park is the better park than all of your parks okay , I have been to Thorpe park about a thousand times but their best rides includes stealth my favourite ride ever and collus ,saw the ride ,nemesis inferno and swarm so I think I have made my point as the world’s bravest daredevil !


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