Patriot Worlds of Fun - Roller CoasterSoon, I’ll be heading out to Missouri for my next theme park trip. I’ve got my sights set on Worlds of Fun and Silver Dollar City. Both parks will be new to me and both offer some awesome-looking roller coasters.

Worlds of Fun is a Cedar Fair park in Kansas City. Aside from Boomerang, the parks other six roller coasters will be new to me. One of them will even be a milestone. You can see the entire lineup on the Roller Coaster Database. As I’ve said, I haven’t ridden a new B&M inverted coaster in years so I’m especially looking forward to Patriot. I’ve heard good things about the terrain woodie Prowler and hyper coasters (Mamba) and large woodies (Timber Wolf) are always a draw for me.

From what I’ve see of Silver Dollar City online and on Undercover Boss, it’s looks like a great theme park. Outlaw Run reviews have been very positive and I’m looking forward to writing up my own. Speaking of reviews, you can see my new rating system on the Ninja review. SDC also has a cool-looking B&M looper in Wildfire and a rare S&S air-launched coaster called Powder Keg. View entire lineup here.

Thanks for the feedback on Which Theme Parks Should I Visit?. While it didn’t completely drive my decision, it was very helpful to get feedback from you.

I Need Your Help. Got Any Tips?
Have you been to either of these parks? Do you have any tips for me? Are there can’t miss non-coaster attractions, food, etc at either of these parks? Any rides that I should be wary of? Leave a comment below. Image credit via CC. Flickr user – Michael Cornelius

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  1. Steve

    When are you gonna be at WoF? It’s my home park, and I’m about ten minutes away. I can act as tour guide.

    Prowler is an excellent ride. Timber Wolf was top of the line when it was built, but isn’t terribly exciting compared to modern woodies. Mamba and Steel Force are nearly identical. The SF turnaround is a little different, and they threw some tunnels on it.

    Patriot is excellent. There are some good Gs on the first drop and loop. There are also a couple airtime spots. Spinning Dragons is a copy of the spinning coaster at Mall of America.

    Boomerang is, well, a boomerang. 🙂

    Snoopy’s Cosmic Coaster is a re-themed big apple coaster, and they got rid of the kid requirement so you can ride it.

    There’s nothing terribly exiting in the flat ride department, though they’ve had some unique rides in the past.

    • Joel

      Thanks for the info. I was wondering how similar Mamba was to Steel Force. It’d be cool to meet up. Message me directly through facebook or through the contact page and we can talk more about meeting up. That’d be fun.

  2. Gearhart

    Since I assume you will be hitting all the coasters SDC has to offer, I’ll merely suggest taking a spin on the steam train as not only do you get a good view of Outlaw Run’s 153 inversion, there is also a fairly entertaining hold up along the way that was pretty hilarious. Flooded Mine is a kitschy interactive dark boat ride that was a unique diversion as well, as was Grandfather’s Mansion, a funhouse type walkthrough hidden in the Midtown section of the park. Finally, I didn’t go in it beacause of time constraint’s, but I’ve heard the Marvel Cave tour is worth checking out, I believe it’s about an hour long commitment though. Have fun.

    • Joel

      Thanks Gearhart. Some readers mentioned the cave on FB and my interest has definitely been piqued. I really like caves and I’ve been in both wild and show caves so I there’s a good chance that I’ll check it out.

      Thanks for the other ride tips too. Unique experiences of all kinds are always a draw for me even if every attraction isn’t world-class.

  3. Jeff

    I am a Kansas Citian as well. It would be fun to meet up at WOF.

    If you arrive at opening, try to do Spinning Dragons first to beat the lines as it has terrible capacity. It is a mirror image of the Big Spin you did at SFStL but without the large, efficient station/dispatch system.

    Patriot is fun but inconsistent. It does have a great first drop. Afterburner blows it away so don’t expect too much.

    I get tired of people ragging on Timber Wolf. The issue is the trim brakes on the first drop and WOF’s maintenance If you can get a brakeless ride, the first half is much better than anything on Prowler. It has unbelievable negative g’s, including an ejecter first drop. I’d put it against anything else out there. The second half has always been the weaker part. If the brakes are turned up then it’s not really worth riding.

    Prowler IS a good ride from start to finish, and by GCI standards it does have good forces. We really got lucky with that ride. But there are other rides out there that I like better.

    I am not a fan of the Arrow/Morgan hypers so I don’t think much of Mamba, but it is the most popular ride with a lot of the GP. I did really enjoy it last October during the Haunt when it seemed faster/more forceful. It’s another inconsistent ride.

    We have a Chance Wipeout located indoors called Cyclone Sam’s. It’s themed to a tornado. We also have the only remaining Intamin Flying Dutchman still in operation that I know of in a theme park. We also have Geauga Lake’s Illions carousel with a real band organ. Most of our flats oddly enough are traditional iron rides which are becoming scarcer in theme parks. We don’t have any modern (post-1970s) flats except for a Huss Top Spin which is down most of the time.

    Right now things at WOF are a mess. A lot of the flat rides are closed and they are only running 1 train on all of the coasters except Patriot. I hope they get it together by your visit. Even so there is often only 1 train on the Wolf except Saturday nights. So far this season I’ve only been on Patriot, Prowler, and Spinning Dragons.

    Silver Dollar City is beautiful with great theming. Silver Dollar City pre-dates Dollywood and has the same owners so you know what to expect there. You must do Flooded Mine and Fire in the Hole (prototype for Blazing Fury). They had duplicated Flooded Mine at Dollywood but tore it out to put in Daredevil Falls. Powder Keg is a great S&S launched ride. They serve a great buffet breakfast early before the rides open. It’ll fuel you for the rest of the day.

  4. Piedude81

    All I can say is bring clothing for hot and cold weather, as the weather here in Missouri has been EXTREMELY inconsistent. I’ve never been in WOF, but we drove up to KC this winter and we actually snuck our way into a maintenance parking lot and got some cool views of the park and the new water slide structure.

  5. Jonathan

    I’ll second the Marvel Cave recommendation. It’s kind of crazy that it exists inside of an amusement park. Definitely a must-do.

    Agree on Flooded Mine as well. Great dark ride. Also don’t miss Grandfather’s Mansion, a walk-through tilt/gravity house.

    Surprisingly, when I went to SDC, my favorite coaster there might have been not Wildfire, not Powderkeg, but Thunderation. Best mine train coaster ever. Unfortunately, none of the seats are turned backwards anymore.

    • Joel

      That’s great to hear. I’m all for a good mine train coaster Jonathan.

      Thanks for the other tips as well. I’m looking forward to this trip more and more.

  6. ttroyer210

    If you like getting wet The Lost River of the Ozarks and The American Plunge are solid rides

  7. Zach

    Seems like a lot of people want to meet up at KC. I’m from KC as well, so if we could all meet up, that would be very cool.

    Most of the rides there are pretty cool, and some are very unique, such as an indoor wipeout and Finnish Fling ( good, old style rotor). Prowler is great. It feels like a smaller hybrid of Thunderhead and the Voyage, and while riding in the back at night, it can give a great ride. O

    Patriot is pretty forceless, but it is very smooth, tall, and graceful. Mamba, Boomerang, and Timber Wolf are just okay, and Spinning Dragons can be fun if balenced correctly.

    I havent been to SDC in a long time, but the collection looks amazing, and I plan on going back soon.

    Anyway, enjoy your trip, you won’t be disappointed.


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