Patriot Worlds of Fun - Roller Coaster

Worlds of Fun & Silver Dollar City Trip

Patriot Worlds of Fun - Roller CoasterSoon, I’ll be heading out to Missouri for my next theme park trip. I’ve got my sights set on Worlds of Fun and Silver Dollar City. Both parks will be new to me and both offer some awesome-looking roller coasters.

Worlds of Fun is a Cedar Fair park in Kansas City. Aside from Boomerang, the parks other six roller coasters will be new to me. One of them will even be a milestone. You can see the entire lineup on the Roller Coaster Database. As I’ve said, I haven’t ridden a new B&M inverted coaster in years so I’m especially looking forward to Patriot. I’ve heard good things about the terrain woodie Prowler and hyper coasters (Mamba) and large woodies (Timber Wolf) are always a draw for me.

From what I’ve see of Silver Dollar City online and on Undercover Boss, it’s looks like a great theme park. Outlaw Run reviews have been very positive and I’m looking forward to writing up my own. Speaking of reviews, you can see my new rating system on the Ninja review. SDC also has a cool-looking B&M looper in Wildfire and a rare S&S air-launched coaster called Powder Keg. View entire lineup here.

Thanks for the feedback on Which Theme Parks Should I Visit?. While it didn’t completely drive my decision, it was very helpful to get feedback from you.

I Need Your Help. Got Any Tips?
Have you been to either of these parks? Do you have any tips for me? Are there can’t miss non-coaster attractions, food, etc at either of these parks? Any rides that I should be wary of? Leave a comment below. Image credit via CC. Flickr user – Michael Cornelius