I picked Iron Rattler as the best-looking new roller coaster for 2013, so I’m really curious to see what people are saying. Here’s what I’ve gathered:

For people who love roller coasters (that’d be me, and since you are reading my review, I’d imagine that’d be you as well), intense in a good way is a good thing, and Iron Rattler is loaded with intense, very good things. …. There is no shudder, no shimmying, no screeching, no herky-jerky, bruising body blows. No nothing but a wonderful (if intense in a good way) ride.- Arthur Levine (About Theme Parks)

“Wow, that was a quick action packed coaster. I definitely have to say that my butt spent more time up in the air than it did in the seat, and that’s a good thing.” – Robb Alvey (ThemeParkReview Video)

I definitely feel like New Texas Giant has more little pops of airtime, but Iron Rattler’s airtime is a lot more sustained. I love the barrel roll (never even touched my seat) and the dive into the tunnel. I do wish that Iron Rattler was a bit longer, but I think the same can be said for most great coasters. – narkitty (ThemeParkReview)

I loved the little effects! The water bombs at the bottom of the cliff drop were awesome and the lights were really fun in the tunnel. It was like a mini rave in there and you could see the tunnel walls flying right by you! Really helps the speed as you fly up like 50 feet inside the tunnel! – Jakizle

Here’s an on-ride video of Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and commentary from Robb Alvey of Theme Park Review:

Note – For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster without permission from the park.

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  1. Ashley

    Best ride ever!!! I’ve rode some coasters and this one is by far the smoothest and most thrilling. From the wonderful heart stopping drop to the incredible inverted barrel roll and the nice effects in the tunnel! Only sad part is that it don’t last very long!! It’s def a ride you will enjoy and ride at least twice!

  2. Mitch

    I just got back from a trip to Austin and was able to go down to SF Fiesta Texas in San Antonio for a full day. I’ve been to a lot of parks across the country but my Dad and I both think this was the most FUN coaster we’ve ever been on. I had been getting a little bored with all of the typical “cookie cutter” coasters, and this ride was just what I needed. People that haven’t rode this can criticize it for its length, but riding it, I never thought this once. In fact, I think the length is perfect how it is because there are no wasted moments. There are so many great coasters that I’ve been on that are great for the first half, and seem to just drag on for the second half and it almost diminishes your experience. This is truly an action packed thrill ride, and every element seems perfect. I love how the slower air time section is in the middle of the ride, on top of the cliff, and then you still have the cliff dive, tunnel, and huge air time last hill to look forward to! We rode once in the front (first time) and then twice in the back. The front row was cool to ride first because of the amazing view, but my Dad and I both agreed the back was more air-time filled and out of control (in a good way). I have been on taller coasters, but this was BY FAR the best first drop I have ever experienced. As you creep over the crest (very dramatic effect) you over look the cliff when riding in the front and can’t even see the track below you because it is so steep. I have been on the dive machines like Sheikra which were vertical drops, and I thought that was great, but this drop seemed even steeper some how, even though it is 81 degrees. Plus, it has a small twist in both directions on the way down, which is hard to explain but was a really cool effect. Riding in the back, you feel like you are being ejected from your seat the whole way down (and in the front too, just more so in back). Some coasters are taller and the drop seems shorter than this one seemed somehow. The first hill following provides great fast airtime, and then the sideways banked turns that plummit back down the cliff are a lot of fun, and great use of the terrain. The barrel roll is my 2nd favorite I’ve ever experience (behind The Hulk). I thought the airtime and banked hills atop the cliff looked semi boring watching the POV video beforehand, but they were a lot of fun, provided great airtime (especially in the back) and were a great lead up to the final crest to dive back down the cliff and into the tunnel. This hill was wild in the back seat, and still fun in the front. The tunnel through the cliff was really cool, and the final crest before the brakes provided amazing air time as well. I actually live in Missouri, so I’m going to try to get to SDC to try out Outlaw Run. Based on the video, I think I will still enjoy Iron Rattler slightly more because of the irreplaceable cliff elements and the first drop, but overall I bet they are about equal on a rating scale, but better than each other in different ways. But, like I said, I’m not afraid to say this was the most fun coaster I’ve been on.


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