Banshee - Kings Island - 2014 Coaster UpdateUPDATE 8/8/13 – Kings Island has announced Banshee for 2014. It will debut as the longest inverted roller coaster in the World with seven loops & 4,100+ feet of track. Read and watch a video here: Banshee Roller Coaster Coming to Kings Island in 2014 [divider_line]
With Son of Beast now completely wiped from the map, Kings Island has added teaser posters to the construction walls around the ride’s former site. Nothing has been announced, but according to Screamscape, it sounds like we can expect a large roller coaster for 2014. Will there be another member added to the Beast family? Daughter of Beast? Step Son of Beast? Half-brother?

The teaser has the following text:

Due to the increasing occurance of mysterious and bone-chilling screams, it has become necessary to close this section of the park until the cause of this evil phenomenon can be identified.

Kings Island - 2014 Roller Coaster Teaser

I’m in the multi-launch looper camp (like Cedar Point’s Maverick) in terms of what I’d like to see. What kind of roller coaster do you think Kings Island is going to add for 2014? Leave your guess and vote in the poll below. Image courtesy of Screamscape.

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  1. Dillon

    If they’re going to place it in the “Beast” family, I’d assume it would be wood based. I personally want to see Maverick-like launch/looper, but I think its going to be a Rocky Mountain hybrid.

    Unfortunately, Kings Island is on my list for this year and I most likely won’t return for some time.

  2. The Coaster Guy

    I honestly have no idea what direction they may take with this, but I voted for a wing coaster given their extreme popularity right now. However, this park is fairly close to Cedar Point, so that may not be a logical choice.

  3. MBrilhart

    The footers that have shown up make me want to say Intiman something… hoping it’s another Giga on the rise…

  4. CoDAce

    I’d like to see a traditional GCI woodie myself, but if they were to add one with a barrel roll or a Gravity Group woodie multi-looper I’d be fine with that as it’s completely original, even though I really do dislike Timberliners a lot, but i have my doubts that they’d do that as how SoB ended, so KI and CF may not be to keen on that, but an RMC masterpiece like Outlaw Run but much longer would be amazing on that site, and with the praise that Outlaw Run has received, it would be a great ‘second-fiddle’ to the Beast,
    But i agree with The Coaster Guy on the likelihood of a wing rider with Gatekeeper at Cedar Point, and you could say the same about the multi-launch coaster with Maverick also at CP AS WELL as the giga, though I’d personally like to see another Water Coaster open up somewhere in the midwest (since Dive to Atlantis at Mount Olympus which ran from 2004-2007, 2 messily years), but honestly, it would be a HUGE waste of that land, unless they went with something on the scale of Divertical, but even then, It would not measure up to what they could have built. but aa 4D would be nice as well,

  5. Grant P

    Cedar Fair recently filed a trademark for the name Banshee. That could explain the “evil phenomenon” part of the teaser.

  6. Mark

    My guess is the nearby steel factory (which makes B&M track) is busy with this ride.

    The photos suggest it will have three trains (given the pattern of the visible footers), which is good for the crowds they get. Wing Rider or giga B&M seem most likely.

  7. TheRealRideWarrior

    What about the first launch woodie….if it is going to be a beast decendant??

  8. Sam Byrd

    A flying coaster is something that kings island needs. Not only is it the newest roller coaster design, but it would shorten the lines for the diamondback. A classic woodie wouldn’t be good at this time, because KI is competing with Cedar point at the moment, and a regular wooden coaster just won’t cut it.

    • chris

      ceder fair owns kings island and cedar point so there is no competition between parks if you remember when one park makes a ride the other does too hints wind seeker and kings island already has a flying coaster so that won’t happen but i see them putting a giga coaster in because they need to stand out and it makes alot of sense right now

  9. AP

    Kings Island already has a flying coaster Sam. And KI will never compete with Cedar Point given the fact Cedar Fair owns both parks they will never let Cedar Point leave the #1 spot for roller coasters. But in my opinion given the track record of investments of CF it will most likely be B&M design (Giga) no sense in making another Diamondback like ride. Hopefully its a steel clone of The Beast

  10. Ryan

    Well, if you paid attention, cedar fair just released another patent for the name “Banshee”, which was the orrigional name for mantis, but was rejected. I think it will either be a multi dimentional or giga. It will for sure be called banshee, though.

  11. Ryan

    And, Matt Omunet (owner of Cedar Fair) said in a press confrence that there will not be a wingrider for at least another 4 years at any cedar fair park.

  12. Nick Glaab

    Gigacoasters are insane draws. And with only four in existence, there is a great deal of room for new ideas and layouts. I just want them to break a record with it. There is nowhere near enough space in Cedar Point to break the length record for steel, and they already have a hypercoaster, gigacoaster and strata coaster, but there is plenty of room at King’s Island. Build something to put Steel Dragon 2000 down, the record should sit in a Cedar Fair park, not somewhere in Japan I will never get to go to. Maybe another B&M one, Leviathan is a fantastic ride, so we know they can build them well. So far Millennium Force and Leviathan are speed/air hybrids and Intimidator 305 is focused on speed. I would like to see a gigacoaster focus more on air time. Get a 200+ foot camelback on a coaster, I would like that.

  13. Blake

    Having been to Cedar Point, I would love to see something massive. Maybe not TTD massive, but a three hundred footer would really do magic for the park. They have a lot of short-ish twisty coasters, like Firehawk, Flight of Fear, and even Vortex, if you consider 150 ft short. Even though Diamondback was introduced recently and fills the niche of park speed demon, a true skyscraper of a coaster would really add to the park. And if that fails, a winged, suspended-by-the-toes coaster with forty inversions would also fill a niche in the park, while drawing a lot of publicity. 🙂

  14. Jonathan

    Nick, I agree with you. The world’s longest coaster with a ton of airtime would be great.

    A footer has been found on the ride site that resembles those of Leviathan. This causes many to think that this new ride is indeed a B&M coaster.

    Cedar Fair, the company that owns Kings Island, recently filed a trademark for the name Banshee. According to Irish legend, a banshee is a female spirit whose wailing warns of an impending death in a house. This name fits the rumors perfectly! If you remember, the sign at the ride site said, “Due to the increasing occurrence of mysterious and bone-chilling screams, it has become necessary to close this section of the park until the cause of this evil phenomenon can be identified.” The screams fit the name perfectly, and it makes since to put a banshee on the former site of the Son of Beast.

    Bill Yost, one of the readers on my blog, gave me another update. An additional sign has been added, reading, “NO CAMPING.”

    My original opinion was that the new ride would be a hybrid woodie. It might be, but a giga would be a great investment.

    For example:
    Banshee, the world’s longest roller coaster and tallest Giga possesses a 200-foot camelback hill and unique layout. These features paired with the smoothness of a B&M make this ride the best in the world.

    However, I would like Cedar Point to own the best ride in the world. Sorry to get off track, but here’s where I think that CP is going in the next few years:

    Cedar Point knows what their 2014 ride will be, but if it’s going to be a coaster, it’s not going to be big, especially since they just opened a 25 million dollar ride. The park always has something new each year, but it’s not necessarily a roller coaster every time. Personally, I doubt that there will be a new ride next year, but probably a new restaurant.

    For 2015, Cedar Point will most likely build a new thrill ride or kiddy coaster. It would really be something if they built a coaster in Kiddy Kingdom area to increase their coaster count.

    Now we’re talking bigger – Cedar Point’s next big coaster will probably happen in 2016, unless they decide to add another family ride, then they’d build the big coaster in 2017.

    What type of “big” coaster would they build? It is extremely difficult to predict a ride five years in the future, but I will do my best. Considering that only two of Cedar Point’s 16 coasters are wooden, they’re next big coaster will hopefully be a woodie. Blue Streak is a bit too classic and short of a ride, and Mean Streak really is mean due to its roughness. My top choices for the 2016/2017 coaster would be to either redo Mean Streak into something like the New Texas Giant or to build a new coaster like Outlaw Run. It is unlikely that Cedar Point will change Mean Streak into a hybrid coaster, since they are in the middle of a multi-year improvement. However, a coaster like Outlaw Run would be fantastic and is most likely. Also, it would be great (and unlikely) for Cedar Point to build a coaster like El Toro. Why? Because there’s not much extra room in the park, and they already have a pretty tall woodie.

    Where would this coaster be located? My guess would be between Corkscrew and the hotel area, or near Mean Streak/Gemini.
    Let’s go over my speculation of the future for Cedar Point:

    2014 – New restaurant or attraction
    2015 – Kiddy coaster
    2016 – Family coaster possibility
    2016/2017 – Outlaw Run-like coaster
    Do you agree with my speculation? By the way, don’t consider this a rumor, it’s just my guess of where Cedar Point is going in the future.

    Back to topic: If Cedar Point is lying low this next year, it’s the perfect year to go big for Kings Island.

    So I think that a Giga would be a great investment!

  15. Josh Miller

    Here’s what I’d like to see. This is just me, but….yep.

    I’m thinking of a Premier Rides-style Spaghetti Bowl-type multi-LSM launch coaster. Riders enter a facade of a ruined castle that is supposedly haunted by a banshee. The ride starts out as a dark ride through various rooms (like the Haunted Mansion), but when it enters a certain room, the coaster stops in front of a wall. The banshee warns guests that they’ll never escape, and the lights all go out. While this happens the coaster (which is sitting on a turntable) turns towards another wall, and suddenly the image of a banshee is projected onto the wall, an ear-piercing scream is heard, and the banshee “flies” towards the riders as air and water spray at the guests as the train accelerates backwards at speeds up to 60 mph into a cobra roll, breaking through a window of a facade of the castle and coming back down through a mausoleum before shooting back up into a sidewinder, flying over trees and gravestones. From there, the riders go through a triple helix before entering a corkscrew through another window in the castle facade (in this “outdoor” section there are rain and lightning effects and the sound of thunder), and entering a brake run. The train wanders through more rooms in the castle before coming to a stop in front of a large cross, which falls towards riders as the track drops (a la Thir13een or Verbolten). The train is then launched forwards at 50 mph, where it goes through some small airtime hills and a heartline roll before coming back into the station.

    Anyway, that’s just me. I love coasters with theming like Revenge of the Mummy, so I guess that’s what I’d want to see most at other parks; more themed rides (that actually have decent theming elements).

  16. Shade

    They absolutely will not build a giga coaster because they will not build anything larger than what is in Cedar Point. I hope they build another big woodie with NORMAL seating. I am so sick of all the crap they build to satisfy a minority of adrenaline junkies like winged coasters, hanging coasters, launch coasters etc etc….BUILD A NORMAL COASTER!!

  17. Yung__trylek___

    Kings island would look great with a giga coaster most definitely, but it would look better with “Battlestar Galatica”, the roller coaster from Universal Studios Singapore, bringing that coaster to America would be the best thing ever, because its very popular in Asia, so it would be very popular in america also

  18. Dude 5

    Since Kings Island is an amazing amusement park, it is surprising that it doesn’t already have a giga coaster, so I think that both the ride should be a giga coaster, and will be a giga coaster.

  19. John Doe

    I must have been living in a rock, I haven’t even heard of the Son of Beast being demolished! My spidey senses are tingling. I think that they’re going to possibly do something involving fire. A lot of pyrotechnics will occur. I’m also thinking it will be part indoor/outdoor. Mostly outdoor, only stopping in small buildings to watch them get “destroyed”. I honestly have no idea what the roller coaster will be made of, though. It might be wooden, steel, or both.

  20. Thacrrigler

    It will pretty much for sure be a B & M. Footers look like ones belonging to B & M’s and the park could use another people eater to get rid of some of their long lines. (A good problem to have). It will not be a premier launch, or an indoor because for those who don’t know there is a premier indoor launch about 1000 feet from the construction of the new ride. I know it’s still in speculation stage but its pretty much in this order of possibility; 1. B&M Giga2. B&M Wingrider, but that would be stupid to take away from Gatekeepers attention at Cedar Point since it was just built, but parks have done dumber things, 3. B&M Inverted. A great terrain one of these would be a great addition. Unfortunately it will not be intiman because cedar fair is pretty much done using them. I enjoy their ejector air more than B&M floater and my two favorite coasters are obtain; El Toro and Skyrush. The world needs another intamin woodie but it won’t be at cedar fair parks. If anything it would be Rocky Mountain but they wouldn’t put any wooden coaster on the site of son of beast because somehow the public would think its son of beast or like it and would write it off as a painful ride or bad ride no matter the manufacturer was or how good it truly was. What I think will happen honestly is put a B&M Giga there this year. And three or four years down the road, replace vortex with a Wingrider,floorless, or inverted to fill the hole that was left by Vortex. You could then say why don’t they put wooden there, but that would sit right next to the beast and lord knows cedar fair would never have rides compete with that ride. Last thing, those hoping for a length record with this new ride, while possible, it will most likely not happen because it is after all a B&M and they don’t have break any records. They always take the cookie cutter route to roller coasters and never doing anything out of their comfort zone. That isn’t a huge complaint as it does guarantee good rides each time and some that are even exceptional, but its hard to sometimes distinguish a good B&M from the next. I’m hating on them because they are one of favorite manufacturers, I just wish they got braver on a couple rides. (Meaning different layouts and elements). If it was an intamin going in I would think that the length record would be a much bigger possibility


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