Early Reviews of GateKeeper at Cedar Point

Cedar Point’s GateKeeper has opened. And it’s time to see what everyone thinks of this highly anticipated new ride.

Here’s a video of GateKeeper at Cedar Point via Robb Alvey of Theme Park Review:

I appreciated the Ghostbuster references. Also, watch a complete GateKeeper POV video. Note – For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster without permission from the park.

Cedar Point Goes BIG with GateKeeper

My take on the footage, isn’t really all that profound, but GateKeeper definitely comes across as BIG. In typical Cedar Point fashion, they ordered the big one when they sat down with B&M to design this ride. Six Flags Great America’s X-Flight has a small footprint and stays close to the ground. Dollywood’s Wild Eagle flies higher, but isn’t as long.

Here are some excerpts of reviews that I’ve found on GateKeeper:

The overall experience of the ride itself is mind boggling for those that haven’t ridden a B&M Wing Coaster yet, and will truly give Cedar Point another world star attraction that will please their park goers wondrously so. – Joe R of ThrillNetwork

Gatekeeper is the smoothest ride I have ever experienced and with the inverted drop and many head and foot choppers it’s not one to miss. … Overall a great ride and a home run for Cedar Point. – Jeremy (comment below)

The slow roll was pretty good, the right side is the best for it. The helix was intense, and i got a surprisingly high amount of airtime out of the last hill! …. The ride was great, overall rating 10 out of 10. New number 1. Blowing the old number 1, Alpengiest, out of the water. – Charlie (comment below)

One word: incredible. I haven’t ridden Wild Eagle, but I have ridden X-Flight. I gotta say, they don’t even compare. The whole ride is just a big smooth fun ride. – Nick (comment below)

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden GateKeeper? What’d you think? How did it compare to X-Flight or Wild Eagle if you’ve ridden those as well? Leave a comment below.