Cedar Point’s GateKeeper has opened. And it’s time to see what everyone thinks of this highly anticipated new ride.

Here’s a video of GateKeeper at Cedar Point via Robb Alvey of Theme Park Review:

I appreciated the Ghostbuster references. Also, watch a complete GateKeeper POV video. Note – For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster without permission from the park.

Cedar Point Goes BIG with GateKeeper

My take on the footage, isn’t really all that profound, but GateKeeper definitely comes across as BIG. In typical Cedar Point fashion, they ordered the big one when they sat down with B&M to design this ride. Six Flags Great America’s X-Flight has a small footprint and stays close to the ground. Dollywood’s Wild Eagle flies higher, but isn’t as long.

Here are some excerpts of reviews that I’ve found on GateKeeper:

The overall experience of the ride itself is mind boggling for those that haven’t ridden a B&M Wing Coaster yet, and will truly give Cedar Point another world star attraction that will please their park goers wondrously so. – Joe R of ThrillNetwork

Gatekeeper is the smoothest ride I have ever experienced and with the inverted drop and many head and foot choppers it’s not one to miss. … Overall a great ride and a home run for Cedar Point. – Jeremy (comment below)

The slow roll was pretty good, the right side is the best for it. The helix was intense, and i got a surprisingly high amount of airtime out of the last hill! …. The ride was great, overall rating 10 out of 10. New number 1. Blowing the old number 1, Alpengiest, out of the water. – Charlie (comment below)

One word: incredible. I haven’t ridden Wild Eagle, but I have ridden X-Flight. I gotta say, they don’t even compare. The whole ride is just a big smooth fun ride. – Nick (comment below)

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden GateKeeper? What’d you think? How did it compare to X-Flight or Wild Eagle if you’ve ridden those as well? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Jenni

    I absolutely hated this ride. First, I sat down, was strapped in, and started smelling puke. I said something to the attendant, and the response was “yes, because someone just puked there.” I am appalled they didn’t leave the seat empty to air out and dry out. Totally disgusting! Then, after the first loop, the restraints tightened, and continued to tighten. I had a tank top on, and the straps were digging into my collar bones. I was miserable, and couldn’t wait to get off the ride! Sitting at the dock waiting seemed like forever because if the smell and crushing harness. When I unbuckled the belt, it was wet and there were vomit pieces in the latch. Worst CP experience ever. I do not recommend the Gatekeeper until restraints are fixed! 0/10!

  2. Zach

    I just rode this 2 days ago and I absolutely loved this ride! My third favorite only behind Dragster and MillenniumForce, this ride was so smooth! It was definitely a great ride I had the hour early pass, so I went to this first it only took about 10 minutes and I was sitting on GateKeeper. I love this ride because you actually can feel the effects of going up side down! I loved the Key hole above the entrance too. Definitely ride this if you go to Cedar Point

  3. Kurt

    The Gatekeeper roller coaster has taken the top spot for roller coasters for me (formerly Diamondback in King’s Island). The first loop just lets you hang ridiculously long before sending you down. The keyhole barrel rolls are super intense. The restraints do certainly get a knock against the ride though as they tighten up really good on you during the progression on this ride and by the end I felt like a Boa Constrictor was squeezing the life out of me. We rode four times in a row testing the front and backs of both sides (front right was our favorite) and they were all super fun experiences. During our last ride of the evening however I had a pretty bad experience when I was riding solo and there was no one next to me so the seat restraints were pushed all the way down. I was raising my arms while going through the first hill and the momentum pushed the restraint down pinning my arm between my restraint and the empty restraint next to me. For the entire ride my arm was stuck and I could not physically move it even when I tried to use my other arm for leverage and the more the ride progressed the more that I thought my arm was going to break. Had said that, the ride is still outstanding and I wouldn’t let what happened mar my positive perspective on this fantastic engineered coaster masterpiece.

  4. Jeremiah

    Sorta confused about all the people commenting on how “comfortable” the restraints were. I rode this front row 3 times, each time in a different seat and I must say I have never felt so claustrophobic in my life. The harness was already fairly tight as it automatically pulls itself toward your chest and actually wasn’t too bad until the ride started and we went for a few loops then the harness just tightened itself to the point where I had trouble exhaling my chest out. As soon as the ride stopped I had never wanted to get off a ride so bad in my life the harnesses press against your shoulders and chest WAAAY too much it is just ridiculous! I decided to give it 2 more tries but each time I just couldn’t enjoy the ride like I would have liked. The third time we got off the train behind us had a man screaming for help because he couldn’t breathe and just started panicking. They had security guys and a first aid team thgere right away when the train pulled back in. As my friend and I were exiting we even asked the atendant at the entrance if many people complained about the restraints and he said they got complaints all the time. I am not suprised. The ride is pretty good byt they NEED to do something about the restraint system because it puts too much pressure on the chest.

    • Joel Bullock

      I had the same experience with the restraints tightening just momentarily when I was waiting to get off of Wild Eagle at Dollywood (a similar ride). The restraints are comfortable overall, but when that tightening happens it is very uncomfortable. I agree. It must not happen for everyone, but something should be done.

  5. Steph

    Great ride, love all of it, but you can’t bring bags into the line even though there are bins. Honestly I could care less about ever riding it again they really need to allow bags .

  6. CP mom

    I would have really loved this ride if the harness was not so sickeningly tight. It’s a fantastic coaster and fills a need for a thrilling ride that is not too high (at least that was a need in my family!). But, as others have noted here, at least on some people the harness is so tight, and becomes much tighter during the ride, that the experience is fairly awful. However, I was with a group of 7 and only I had this experience. I think the ride must be mis-callibrated for people of a certain size to just squish you beyond tolerance. I was with 2 adults bigger than I am, and 4 children smaller, and they all thought it was kind of tight but not impossible. For me it was a deal breaker though – I have bruises on my collar bones and would not ride this coaster again unless they fix this problem.

  7. Coaster Nut

    I’m glad others brought up the restraints. I didn’t mention them in a previous post because I thought maybe my experience was a fluke. We only rode GK twice. I didn’t notice any issue with the restraints on our first ride. On the second ride, though, the restraints had tightened so much by mid-ride that it frightened me. By the end, they felt dangerously tight. I was afraid to move because I thought my movement might trigger them to tighten even more. They were so tight, I was actually worried they might break my collarbone. CP needs to fix this. Even if they do, we probably won’t ride GK very often because we found it pretty boring. However, I definitely won’t ride it again if the restraints aren’t fixed.

  8. Koolcat

    I loved the gatekeeper and walking into the park I was surprised at the coolness of it going over the main entrance. But I thought the dive drop was more rough than X-Flight and I liked X-Flight’s fly-throughs and themeing better than the GateKeeper’s
    Rating: 9/10


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