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SkyScreamer at Six Flags Over GeorgiaSix Flags Over Georgia recently opened their newest addition, Sky Screamer. Being built to a height of 242 feet, Sky Screamer is a Star Flyer thrill ride made by Funtime. A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to ride Sky Screamer at the media day event. The day consisted of park president, Dale Kaetzel, giving opening words on the ride, several rides on Sky Screamer, and 32 park employees dressed as pigs ride Sky Screamer going after the saying “when pigs fly.”

Last year, Six Flags announced that they would be replacing the Wheelie (an enterprise thrill ride) at the back of the park next to the pond that the Ninja resides over. And I must say, it serves as a great upgrade to that section of the park. There were concerns about the 200 foot construction height limit that is set over SFOG and Sky Screamer is 242 feet. Dale Kaetzel was able to give reasons as to why this was possible when I interviewed him that day.

And as for the ride itself, I was very pleased with it. Sky Screamer provided some fantastic thrills and sights from the top of its 24 story tower. It was great being able to look down and see Ninja and the Scream Machine below you. But my full review goes into much more depth on the experience. In the end, media day was great, and I am able to highly recommend it Sky Screamer as a great, new thrill ride at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Check out my full SkyScreamer review to get my entire opinion on Sky Screamer and an on-ride POV!

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  1. The Coaster Guy

    I like swing rides, yet I have yet to ride either a Star Flyer or a Wind Seeker. Every park I’ve been to that has one had the ride closed while I was there. I hope to get on one soon. They look like fun and the views must be amazing!

  2. Eric

    SFOG’s new SkyScreamer looked like a promising ride. I’ve rode it 3 times thus far, and loved it. In 2014, I most likely anticipate Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Great America getting SkyScreamer rides… SFMM’s being 400ft tall (identical to Six Flags Over Texas’ SkyScreamer)… SFGAM’s being 242ft tall (identical to both Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags Great Adventure).

    I’ll certainly miss riding Wheelie (classic Schwarzkopf Enterprise ride)… but am pleased that it found a new home at Fun Spot America in Orlando. If SFOG had kept Wheelie, I could have pictured it being moved to a different section of the park… or maybe SFOG attempting to acquire an identical Schwarzkopf Enterprise ride from another theme park later on.

    I hope that SFOG could and might be looking to get a new coaster in 2014… for a total of 12 coasters. I would be open to seeing a Green Lantern themed coaster, in the form of an Intamin ZacSpin (identical to SFMM’s Green Lantern: First Flight)… SFOG phasing out half/all of the Whistlestop Park/Thomas Town area. It’s a thought.

    • Dillon

      I think that a new coaster is a possibility at SFOG next year. I was hoping for maybe something like Full Throttle or just anything made by Premier (they gaining popularity).

      Either Ninja or the Whistletop Park are the next things to leave. Maybe both at the same time to make way for a new coaster. I think they could build the station where the train park is and the track and majority over the pond where Ninja lies.

  3. Eric

    I doubt that SFOG would want to phase out the picnic pavilion area between Ninja and Whistlestop Park area.

    I still remember SFOG phasing out the rear entrance at the end of the 1997 season, as well as the removal of Highland Swings… the west parking area being transformed from gravel to asphalt, along with the front/main entrance getting a full makeover in time for the 1998 season. SFOG got the Go-Karts attraction in 1998… and had the short-lived Deja Vu coaster, before Thomas Town/Whistlestop Park came along. I could picture a portion of the east parking area near the former rear entrance being phased out to house any additional attractions.

    I still picture SFOG possibly getting an Intamin ZacSpin Green Lantern themed coaster… it possibly being housed between Go-Karts and Thunder River, if not in the Whistlestop Park area. I would also be open to SFOG possibly getting a Premier Rides coaster… perhaps a clone of Joker’s Jinx and Poltergeist (at SFA and SFFT, respectively), or maybe a mirror image clone. Both are the spaghetti-bowl designed coaster with the LIM launch system (0 to 60mph in 3 seconds).

    I do picture Ninja going away eventually, and maybe being replaced with a B&M winged coaster. I also picture Georgia Cyclone getting RMC’s hybrid transformation eventually. SFOG turning 50 in 2017.


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