Hades 360 - Mt Olympus - Loop

Hades 360 Looks Awesome! | Early Reviews

Hades 360 - Mt Olympus - Loop

The Gravity Group has posted a new video of Hades 360 in action. The original Hades opened at Mt. Olympus in 2005 with the World’s longest underground tunnel. It was Gravity Group’s first roller coaster and a world-class ride that was in many top 10 lists; including mine. For 2013, the ride was re-tracked (70% to 90%), given Gravity Group’s own Timberliner trains and most notably a one-of-a-kind corkscrew loop.

Hades has been receiving some heat from some in the enthusiast community. Some of it appears to be because of the park’s not-so-great track record with operations and how rough Hades had become. I get that, but for this year (at least), I feel more and more confident in my #4 ranking that I gave this ride for best-looking 2013 roller coasters.

And I guess I get the backlash of hyping a new ride when there’s only a few changes. I can see why people may call the loop and new name a gimmick. Well, I say bring on the gimmick! Park operations and history aside, this ride looks awesome!

Here are some of the early reviews I’ve found:

The ride is a lot of fun! Corkscrew is my favorite part just because its so different, and smooth There is a seatbelt connecting each end of both lapbars. – Gay Coaster Guy on ThemeParkReview

The ride is a lot of fun. I loved the going hands up through the corkscrew. – Lightning9SX on ThemeParkReview

I walked off of Hades 360 incredibly impressed! There were just so many good things about the ride… My job now is to mull it over and i still have not been able to make the call of which I liked better between Hades 360 and Outlaw Run…
– uwgbdork on ThemeParkReview

There are also a few comments that mentioned that the ride is still rough, but the reviewers seemed to like Hades 360 overall. Also, there were positive comments about the Timberliners.

Another comment mentions slow ride operations, which isn’t a good sign when the ride is already limited by having only one train. These comments are from the ride’s opening weekend, but as I said in my review, the park needs to (at least) have operations for their signature attraction running well.

On the bright side, the loop that people wanted to argue was “just slapped into the ride”, looks like it flows nicely as you exit the tunnel and go right into the turn around. Go figure that the roller coaster designers might know what they’re doing. 🙂

Here’s a great photo trip report of Hades 360.

I admit that my view may be near-sided and not one that weighs the park on a holistic scale. Should they have invested this money in landscaping, infrastructure, food, etc? I don’t know, but I do know that Hades 360 looks awesome.

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden Hades 360? What’d you think? Leave a comment and/or rate it below. Also, let us know how think it looks in the video.