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The Gravity Group has posted a new video of Hades 360 in action. The original Hades opened at Mt. Olympus in 2005 with the World’s longest underground tunnel. It was Gravity Group’s first roller coaster and a world-class ride that was in many top 10 lists; including mine. For 2013, the ride was re-tracked (70% to 90%), given Gravity Group’s own Timberliner trains and most notably a one-of-a-kind corkscrew loop.

Hades has been receiving some heat from some in the enthusiast community. Some of it appears to be because of the park’s not-so-great track record with operations and how rough Hades had become. I get that, but for this year (at least), I feel more and more confident in my #4 ranking that I gave this ride for best-looking 2013 roller coasters.

And I guess I get the backlash of hyping a new ride when there’s only a few changes. I can see why people may call the loop and new name a gimmick. Well, I say bring on the gimmick! Park operations and history aside, this ride looks awesome!

Here are some of the early reviews I’ve found:

The ride is a lot of fun! Corkscrew is my favorite part just because its so different, and smooth There is a seatbelt connecting each end of both lapbars. – Gay Coaster Guy on ThemeParkReview

The ride is a lot of fun. I loved the going hands up through the corkscrew. – Lightning9SX on ThemeParkReview

I walked off of Hades 360 incredibly impressed! There were just so many good things about the ride… My job now is to mull it over and i still have not been able to make the call of which I liked better between Hades 360 and Outlaw Run…
– uwgbdork on ThemeParkReview

There are also a few comments that mentioned that the ride is still rough, but the reviewers seemed to like Hades 360 overall. Also, there were positive comments about the Timberliners.

Another comment mentions slow ride operations, which isn’t a good sign when the ride is already limited by having only one train. These comments are from the ride’s opening weekend, but as I said in my review, the park needs to (at least) have operations for their signature attraction running well.

On the bright side, the loop that people wanted to argue was “just slapped into the ride”, looks like it flows nicely as you exit the tunnel and go right into the turn around. Go figure that the roller coaster designers might know what they’re doing. 🙂

Here’s a great photo trip report of Hades 360.

I admit that my view may be near-sided and not one that weighs the park on a holistic scale. Should they have invested this money in landscaping, infrastructure, food, etc? I don’t know, but I do know that Hades 360 looks awesome.

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden Hades 360? What’d you think? Leave a comment and/or rate it below. Also, let us know how think it looks in the video.

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  1. ProfBAM

    I was on the first public train. 3rd row, station left. Holiday World representative on site. If it wasn’t for that barrel roll, I’d say it would move up in the GTAs. #NoInversions
    In other Mt. O news, Indoor Waterpark expansion teased on park guides. Found survey marker labelled “BORING.”

  2. Dillon

    It does sound gimmicky on paper. But from watching the video, it looks like every thing fits together perfectly. And if for nothing else, it still has been given a nice renovation sure to allow smooth, pain-free rides for years to come.

  3. Gearhart

    Funny that I just noticed this while sitting in a hotel room at Mt. Olympus. Got three rides on this bad boy today and though I can’t make any comparisons to the original Hades as my first rides ever were today, I can say it runs pretty angrily and has a couple straight up rough spots at the bottom of the first drop and before the station fly-by near the end. With that said, the Timberliners are pretty comfy even when bouncing around the track and overall the ride blew me away! The mayhem in the pitch black tunnel was truly epic and even the prelift, un-retracked section had some good pops that those new trains handled pretty well. Then there’s that rebuilt section, holy crap! The corkscrew inversion just seemed crazier than Outlaw Run’s double barrel roll and the 110 degree overbank was an excellent follow up, throw in the airtime filled camelback that drops you back into the tunnel and you’ve got yourself a seriously good woodie. Overall I did like Outlaw Run better, but Hades 360 is still a great coaster. Be warned that they still are only dispatching completely full trains for some reason, the last train of the day sat in the station for 5-10 minutes, a good couple of minutes just to fill ONE single seat.

    • Joel

      Thanks for the review Gearhart. I guess it was too much wishful thinking to hope that the entire ride was going to be relatively smooth. Good to hear that the pre-lift section is still fun. That’s so unique and just another reason why this coaster stands out to me. How long of a list could I make if I wrote “Top Coasters with Pre-Lift Airtime”?

      That’s cool that you’ve got Outlaw Run to compare it to. Is it that the corkscrew is just so much larger than the barrel rolls or is it because it feels faster that makes it crazier?

      • Gearhart

        I was surprised that there was some legit ejector air in that pre lift section, gave me a nice introduction to those Timberliner restraints! Anyway, I think the difference primarily is speed, Hades just tears into it where OR had a more easy going, effortless approach in comparison and actually lost it’s momentum through the second roll. Hades doesn’t even blink. Plus there’s some neat headchoppers involving the maintenance catwalks on Hades and it seems more “wooden” for lack of a better term, not rough, but not steel smooth either.

  4. Daryl bertrand

    In my opinion this ride isnt really a woodie. Too much steel for me to compare it to Outlaw Run or even Iron Rattler. It does look cool in the video, I would definitely ride it, Just can’t compare it due to the way it is constructed.

  5. Cameron

    I happened to ride this yesterday and I have to say that it truly was an incredible experience. Sadly, I was still a kid when I went to Mt. Olympus the first time and I wasn’t able to ride the original Hades. However, judging from how rough ‘Zeus’ has gotten, I am very glad they decided to breathe new life into Hades. The new trains are very sleek and I personally like them a lot. The restraints are very comfortable and you don’t feel like you are stuck in them. after the initial drop of the station there are a couple of spots which knocked me around a bit, but I was sitting in the last row and the closer you are to the front the less rough it is. After the drop, the pitch black tunnel was incredible! I thought there would be just some turns but you actually experience a couple of hills. The tunnel is also very, very loud which made the ride seem even crazier. The corkscrew or barrel roll or whatever the inversion is called, is really smooth and I got thrown up out of my seat as I had my hands straight up. The overbanked turn is really fun and that transitions well into a nice camelback hill that gives a nice pop of airtime. Back into the tunnel, over a really well executed camelbaclk hill, some more twisting and turning around the station and the ride is over. Overall, I really enjoyed this ride and would recommend any coaster fanatic visiting Wisconsin Dells to go to Mt. Olympus. This coaster definitely landed in my top 3 favorites. My only complaint is that there is only 1 train running at a time. I think that it would be in the park’s best interest to invest in another train.

    • Cameron

      May I also add that the speed is absolutely incredible. Especially in the pre-lift part of the ride. It feels like you are going so much faster than you actually are. This makes for some great airtime moments.

  6. Jennifer

    I rode Hades 360 twice on a recent trip to Mt. Olympus. My 1st ride was in the 3rd row. The drop straight to the tunnel was amazing. Unfortunately, there were several times I winced in pain. All-in-all my coaster loving family decided it was worth another ride.

    For our 2nd ride, we were closer to the back. I still loved the tunnel, but it was my last ride on Hades. I knew it was a rough coaster & expected some head rattling, but the pain is all in the gut. I felt like a had been punched & my internal organs rearranged. Not worth the thrill.

  7. connor murray

    This is the worst rollercoaster I have ever ben on other than Batman at great america chicago. As I was on this ride, all I wanted to do was get off that death machine. It is so rough and it hurts very bad. Please dont bring your family on this ride. I have only been on this after they installed the 360 and it feels like my spine is dislocated, my ribs broke, and I have brain damage. This ride literally beats you up!

  8. Autumn

    I felt like I had a concussion the first time I got on the pain is excruciating and it feels like your spine is dislocated and I hit my mouth on the equipment multiple times during one ride. If you do ride it more than once be prepared for the constant shaking of your brain and not being able to stop it or even hold your head or neck because then you will hit your face. You can’t control your body movements In the tunnels because you don’t know where the turns are and it jerks so hard that I hit another persons head with my head. But, if you aren’t as sensitive to these things it will be fun and when you’re at the top of the first tunnel you can see they whole city plus some and it is a sight especially during the night. I don’t know if it was better to keep my body stiff or loose either it was painful.


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