650 Foot Tall Roller Coaster - Las Vegas Strip - Tropicana

PolerCoaster – Proposed 650-foot Tall Roller Coaster for Vegas Strip

650 Foot Tall Roller Coaster - Las Vegas Strip - TropicanaThere’s a proposal to build a record-setting, 650-foot tall roller coaster. Dubbed PolerCoaster, the ride would be integrated into an observation tower on top of the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel on the south end of the Strip. If built, the ride would be the World’s tallest roller coaster by quite a margin. The current record-holder is Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure, which is 456 feet tall.

Plans for the ride were revealed when the developers submitted Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to ensure that the tower does not affect flights to and from nearby McCarran International Airport. The $100 million roller coaster was designed by U.S. Thrill Rides.

The ride would begin with a powered-spiraling climb up the interior of the tower around the two glass elevators. Then, after reaching the top, gravity would take over riders would plunge, twist, turn, and even loop their way down the tower. 650 Foot Tall Roller Coaster - Las Vegas - Tropicana - DetailsRead more about U.S. Thrill Rides PolerCoaster

Funny how I just had a post on the Vertical Theme Parks and here we have a proposed roller coaster/observation tower that borrows some of the same concepts.

This looks like this could be a fun ride, but I’m not familiar with U.S. Thrill Rides and (as far as I know) they’re not a major player in the roller coaster world. After looking at their website, I do recognize their UniCoaster ride. But even that’s a flat ride and not a roller coaster. Not to say that they couldn’t produce a great ride, I just don’t know their work.

I’m curious as to whether the tower itself is 650-feet tall or that height also includes the Tropicana Hotel that it would sit on top of. I’m hoping for the former and not the latter as I don’t think it’d technically be the tallest if it included the building under it. Either way, let’s hope that the plans are approved and we get to see PolerCoaster come to life. The views from that high up would be amazing!

More on the proposed roller coaster and tower at CBS News

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