Seven people were injured in an accident at Cedar Point on Friday evening. A boat on the Shoot the Rapids water ride came back down the lift hill and flipped over. Several people jumped into the water to help the riders.

Here’s a video with WKYC’s coverage of the accident:

Shoot the Rapids is a log flume ride that opened in 2010. Guests ride flat bottom, 10-passenger fiberglass boats that travel along a canal of water. The ride has one lift hill that’s 85 feet tall and another that’s 49 feet tall.

Have you ridden Shoot the Rapids? What’s your take on the accident? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Jeremy

    I was at cedar point today and a regular at the park. Shoot the rapids was obviously closed and boats were stoped throughout the ride with restraints unlocked. Later in the day I saw was looked like matntanace or inspectors on the first and largest lift hill. I in joy the ride but have always wondered how stable those boats are. The boats have 5 rows of 2 but the middle 3rd row is always empty. With only a couple of people you can rock the boat quite far. I always thought there was a danger of flipping. But, a slime one that couldn’t be caused by group rocking the boat. And was wondering how the lift hill secured the boat down my last visit and ride on shoot the rapids. But never thought that a boat would or could roll back. Overall a bad accident that I didn’t see comeing but doesn’t surprise me eather. Very glad to see every one was ok in the end.

  2. Zach

    it seems like yesterday was a pretty terrible day for the amusement industry

  3. Ryan

    Okay, i alays ride this and there is no guide rail on the left side, so my theory is that it shifted out of position, missed the chain and anti rollback system, and tipped.

  4. Cristina

    not being a real roller coaster person, I love the ride. I went on it 6 times last month and it seemed fine to me, but there’s alsways a chance of accidents

  5. Karla

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  6. ryan

    I rode it 2 weekz before it happend and I loved it. All rides have problems take the girl killed in texas all r danguroes but every day u take a chance like getting in a car or cooking or anything u always take a chance but some peoples don’t get a lucky chance.

  7. ethan

    Not that I want to see it happen, but if CP takes this out, they should replace it with a flying coaster. Cedar Point doesn’t have one. Even a Time Warp type of coaster would be sufficient.

  8. Wendy

    I went on the Splashwater Falls that Great America used to have. That one had a single bar across four seats that set far enough away from you that you could have wriggled around it if you really had a need to. That these were individual restraints that (like most modern amusements) can’t be released by the occupants when a need to quick egress may exist scares me.


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