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Positive Reviews for Great America’s Gold Striker

California’s Great America’s new wooden coaster Gold Striker has been open for a while now and the reviews have been very positive. It sounds like this exciting GCI woodie was just what the park needed. It’s always good to see a new wooden coaster as they’re less common.

Here are a few reviews that I’ve found:

A total of 14 airtime moments are experienced during the ride, in basically every seat!….. Kudos to you, Great America and GCI (Great Coasters International) you’ve got a great coaster on your hands.
Theme Park Overload

This new ride is exactly what Great America needed. A medium-sized wooden coaster than has a ton of twists and turns and excitement. – Theme Park POVs

there are many “pops” of air on this ride, usually to set you up for another element. Call it a “tag team coaster” because they work perfectly together. – Krowberry on Coasterbuzz

Here’s a video of Gold Striker at California’s Great America:

What’s Your Take?
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  1. It was a great ride! Just like the reviews said, there are many airtime spots

  2. I’d love to see more GCI Coasters! Preferrably one that goes upside and is at a cedar fair park *cough* Carowinds *cough*


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