There was some exciting news out of Louisville last month when it was announced that Kentucky Kingdom will reopen on May 24, 2014. After several starts and stops, it looks like it’s really going to happen this time. In fact renovations are already well underway. The plans for the parks return are interesting.

Kentucky Kingdom’s Plans for the Future & The Park’s Surviving Roller Coasters

In 2014, Kentucky Kingdom will reopen with an expansion to the water park that will double its size. Wooden coaster Thunder Run will return along with a new $7 million steel roller coaster. So far, I haven’t seen any details on what type of coaster it will be.Kentucky Kingdom to Reopen 2014

In the coming years, there’s a planned (and much-needed) makeover of the park’s Vekoma looper, T2. Perhaps the most intriguing plan for the future involves the dueling woodie, Twisted Twins. It’s been slated for a return in 2016 after a makeover of its own. Could we see the first ever Rocky Mountain dueling coaster?

Things can change, but I have to say that it’s rare and exciting to see a park’s long-term plans laid out in advance this way.

For more, see Screamscape’s Kentucky Kingdom coverage. Theme Park Review has a number of renovation pics and a local news station has a slideshow with shots from inside the park.

What’s Your Take?
What type of steel roller coaster should they build? What do you think about Kentucky Kingdom’s return? Are you excited? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Zach

    it’s cool to see a park open/reopen and it should add another destination for people in the lower midwest area and it should be interesting to see what happens after Ed Hart finishes the rehabs and sells the park


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