Darien Lake - Lake Monster - Roller Coaster 2014

Lake Monster Roller Coaster Planned for Darien Lake

In what may someday be known as the coaster comeback story of the decade, Darien Lake has some exciting plans for its incredibly rough wooden roller coaster Predator . In an unusual move, a survey sent out to guests pretty much spills the beans. See below:
Darien Lake - Lake Monster - Roller Coaster 2014

Could It Be Another Great Coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction?

There’s obviously time for the ride’s details to change, but all I can is WOW! Note the image of this year’s hit roller coaster Outlaw Run on the right side of the image. Darien Lake is operated by Herschend, the same company that runs Silver Dollar City. So, it makes sense that Lake Monster could be another wooden coaster with topper track like Outlaw Run.

Suspended Corkscrews, Wing Overs, & Hop Reversals?

The ride’s cutting edge elements sound really interesting. It’s uncertain whether this is just marketing-speak for elements that we already know or really some exciting new features. A wing over drop sounds like those super slow-starting loops performed at the top of

and Gate Keeper’s lift hills. That’d be pretty cool to do on a wooden coaster.

A corkscrew is pretty straight-forward. Maybe it’ll look like Hades 360’s corkscrew, but I don’t know why they’ve named it a “suspended” corkscrew. Lastly, anybody want to guess what a “hop reversal” is? Lastly, ScreamScape reported that Lake Monster could live up to its name actually go over the lake, like neighboring hyper coaster Ride of Steel does. Any chance the corkscrew will be over the lake?

What’s Your Take?
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