Banshee - Kings Island - 2014 Coaster UpdateUPDATE 8/8/13 – Kings Island has announced Banshee for 2014. It will debut as the longest inverted roller coaster in the World with seven loops & 4,100+ feet of track. Read and watch a video here: Banshee Roller Coaster Coming to Kings Island in 2014 [divider_line]

Creepy figures are showing up at the construction site for what many believe will be Kings Island’s 2014 roller coaster. No one knows for sure, but rumors are pointing to a large steel roller coaster (possibly from Bolliger & Mabillard). Most think it will either be a wing coaster (like Gatekeeper) or a giga coaster (like Leviathan).

Will Kings Island’s 2014 Roller Coaster be Called Banshee?

For a while now, enthusiasts have been calling the 2014 project, “Banshee” because Cedar Fair filed for a trademark to use the name back in April. Of course we don’t know that they’ll use it for Kings Island, but that’s the prevailing thought.

According to Wikipedia, a banshee is:

is a female spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld. In legend, a banshee is a fairy woman who begins to wail if someone is about to die. – Wikipedia

The mention of “bone-chilling screams” in the teaser signs and the thought that this spirit would appear where Son of Beast “died” all seem to make sense.

Could the figures have nothing to do with the new coaster?

Kings-Island-Teases-Banshee-2014-Roller-CoasterThose new creepy, scarecrow-like figures don’t make me think of a banshee. The banshees I’ve seen in fiction have been female (except for the X-Men character) and those figures look like masculine to me. I wonder if Kings Island may just be using all of the attention that the construction site is receiving as a chance to promote the park’s Halloween attractions.

Remember when Carowinds put in those “Huss GF”survey stakes? We ended up getting WindSeeker instead of a Huss Giant Frisbee like we thought. At the same time Carowinds had a billboard off of a major highway in Charlotte that read “FURY” in big ominous letters. Again, some wondered if that was a hint for a new ride or roller coaster, but it ended up being a tease for a new Halloween attraction.

Visit for more Kings Island construction photos.

What do you think the new ride will be. So far on the poll, most people think the new ride will be a Giga coaster what do you think it will be?[poll id=”96″]

What do you think these figures mean? And, do you like the rumored “Banshee” name. Chime in below. Image credit – Coaster101

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  1. Shawn Grueser

    A new Kings Island attraction promised to break records, and while the official announcement of what it is won’t come for another week, WLWT News 5 has learned it appears the park is building a new roller coaster.

    A fenced-off dirt lot now sits where the coaster “Son of Beast” used to roar.

    There were signs warning of something evil, and hidden scarecrows meet the eyes of visitors who tried to sneak a peak between the fence boards.

    Every Kings Island guest has their own opinion about what could be coming.

    Thrill seekers online are wondering, too. Almost half a million people have visited a blog about it, and YouTube is full of fanatics that have dreamed up their own virtual versions of what’s rumored to be called “The Banshee.”

    It’s been mostly speculation, until now. WLWT News 5 requested the plans Kings Island filed with the City of Mason. They show a sprawling roller coaster design.

    “It’s a roller coaster. It’s a big one,” said Dennis Speigel, former assistant general manager of Kings Island. He helped build Kings Island, and now has a theme park consulting business.

    After looking at the drawings, Speigel said, “It will be groundbreaking. And just by the sheer size it covers, the area that it covers, there’s a lot of activity there,” he said.

    He spotted at least four loops and a corkscrew on the plans. He said he suspects the cars will have “wings” that leave riders hanging from the sides of the track. It would become one of four like it in the country.

    “When this comes out, everybody will be looking at it to see what it is, what kind of impact it’s gonna have on their parks, potentially as competitors, and what it’s gonna do to Kings Island attendance,” Speigel said.

    Speigel estimated the coaster will cost about $25 million to build. He said it’ll likely be complete by next spring.

  2. Shawn Grueser

    So wing coaster, but massive and longer then hate keeper. I have had a season pass for 10 years, go every weekend, and bored to death except for riding Diamondback 10 times, and drop zone 10 times, kings island needs some new thrill rides and soon. I drive to Louisville for work daily and word is someone bought Kentucky kingdom and will open it on may 2014 and add many new rides and upgrades. So now I have a choice to go both places which kings island will lose a lot of the south region and west region unless it comes up with better rides and fast

    • val

      well if you go every weekend for 10 years, no wonder your’e bored!!! lol

  3. Rosie

    i can’t go there but i think i voted for a wing coaster i like the name too. roller coasters generate a screams, be they real or be they for fun so Banshee is very appropriate


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