Theme Park Coupons & Discounts for 2013

Theme Park Tips

Theme Park Coupons & Discounts for 2013

As in past years, I thought it’d be helpful for people if we share where we’re finding coupons for theme park tickets. I usually have a season pass for my home park, but when I’ve traveled in the past, I’d visit a business near the park I’m headed to and I usually find coupons.

Where to Find Theme Park Coupons

I’ve had the best luck finding discounts at fast food chains (Burger King), pharmacies (CVS), and many different grocery stores. There’s also the coupons that you can find on the back of Coke or Pepsi cans. You can often find those at convenient stores right near the park.

Do you know of any other good places to find theme park coupons? Where have you found coupons this year? Leave a comment below. If we get enough, I’ll list them in a table on this page.

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  1. We’ve got SFOG coupons at our local krogers.

    The best deal I’ve ever seen was for kennywood. I got my kennywood ticket for $20 at the Giant Eagle convenience stores that you can find up north.

    • Thanks for sharing Dillon. $20 is a great price for Kennywood tickets. I’ve got to get back up there eventually.

  2. Silver Dollar city has a couple of options. The best is if you want to go on a Thursday you can get $30 tickets at any price cutter supermarket, valid till October. Also, we are seeing $5 off adult admission on the back of McDonalds receipts.

  3. The cheapest Cedar Point tickets are the ones that you can buy on Cedar Point’s website. “Buy, Print & Go”

    You use WordPress, right? I do too, and I would like to know how you made your posts into little snippets that could be clicked on instead of just having a blog with the full posts on the main page. Can you tell me?

    • When you’re writing your post in WordPress, you can choose to put a line break in wherever you want. Only the text above that break will show on the home page.

    • I was going to chime in, but it looks like you got the more tag working on your posts.

  4. Just like Jonathan mentioned for Cedar Point, I’ve noticed that the best deals for Six Flags tickets are typically their online sales. But to get the best deal, you need to purchase them at least three days in advance. With advance planning and buying online, you can usually save more money than using coupons and buying tickets at be gate.


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