It’s time to start looking forward to next season. While we’re likely to have a number of official announcements from parks in the coming weeks, a few roller coasters have already been announced for 2014. Let’s recap them:

Banshee at Kings Island

(Cincinnati, Ohio)
Banshee - Kings Island - 2014 Coaster UpdateKings Island will finally have a replacement for Son of Beast in Banshee. The record-setting inverted coaster will be the longest of its kind. Banshee will boast seven inversions and a top speed of 68 mph. Read more and watch two videos of Banshee at Kings Island.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Walt Disney World

(Orlando, Florida)
Announced back in 2012, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is part of the large multi-year Fantasy Land revamp that’s been going on at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Seven Dwarfs Mine train will have cars that sway left and right. More on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Thunderbolt at Luna Park

(Brooklyn, New York)
New Thunderbolt Roller Coasters Coming to Luna Park in 2014Luna Park at Coney Island has been growing over the past few years. The seaside park’s largest addition to date will be a unique steel roller coaster with an elevator lift and some exciting loops. Borrowing a name from the past, Thunderbolt will open in 2014 adding to the growing screamscape of Coney Island. Watch a video and see more on Luna Park’s new Thunderbolt

Helix at Liseberg

(Gothenburg, Sweden)
Helix was another ride that was announced last year. It’ll be a massive launched-looping roller coaster from Mack; reminiscent of bluefire Megacoaster at Europa Park. It’ll be Mack’s largest project yet at over 4,500 feet in length. Riders will experience 6 inversions and 2 launches while the ride uses the park’s terrain. Liseberg’s also home to top-rated Intamin pre-fab woodie, Balder. Read more about Helix at Liseberg.

Firechaser Express at Dollywood

(Pigoen Forge, Tennessee)
Dollywood is set to announce a new attraction for 2014 next week. Word is that it will be a roller coaster called Firechaser Express. Screamscape has reported that the ride may be a launched family roller coaster. We’ll find out details soon as the official announcement is set for August 21st.More at Screamscape.

Lake Monster at Darien Lake

(Buffalo, New York)
Darien Lake - Lake Monster - Roller Coaster 2014Lake Monster has not been officially announced by Darien Lake, but it was mentioned in a survey conducted by the park. If details in the survey come to fruition, we could be looking at a world-class roller coaster in Western New York next year. Lake Monster sounds like another rule-breaking Rocky Mountain Construction wooden coaster a la Outlaw Run; with wild maneuvers including a corkscrew. Read more on Lake Monster.

Kentucky Kingdom’s New Roller Coaster

(Louisville, Kentucky)
The troubled Louisville, Kentucky amusement park is now set to finally make a return in 2014. The revitalization of the once abandoned park is already underway and the Kentucky Kingdom’s leader has promised a new steel roller coaster for it’s grand re-opening year. There are no details yet as to exactly what type of roller coaster it’ll be. More about Kentucky Kingdom’s return.
It’s still early, but this is a pretty short list. Might we be seeing a quieter than usual year for new roller coasters?

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  1. Eric

    It’s already rumored that SFM’s Medusa could be getting RMC hybrid transformation. It’s also rumored that SFA could be getting another hand-me-down coaster, in the form of SFGAM’s Rajun Cajun. The jury is still out on the future of SFGADV’s Rolling Thunder. We won’t know for sure until August 29.

  2. Mak

    CC, I would also pay attention to funtown splashtown USA in Maine. Employes at the park told someone I know the park will be getting an intamin or premier rides launched coaster.
    Happy birthday!

  3. Eric

    Chicago media (like Chicago Tribune) is reporting about SFGAM getting new wood coaster in 2014. It’s believed that the new coaster will be housed in the area that previously housed former Iron Wolf coaster. Rumor has it that it could eclipse SFGADV’s El Toro as fastest wood coaster.

    Meanwhile, SFGADV is already rumored to be getting a new drop tower ride that could eclipse SFMM’s Lex Luthor: Drop Of Doom as tallest drop tower ride. Like Lex Luthor is attached to Superman: Escape From Krypton coaster support tower, it’s also rumored that SFGADV’s new drop tower ride may be added to the Kingda Ka coaster support tower.

    SFMM still has the world record of most coasters in 1 park… and it really wouldn’t surprise me if they were to eclipse SFOT’s Texas SkyScreamer as tallest Funtime Star Flyer swing ride.

    We’ll be finding out next week (August 29).

  4. Mak

    ^^ adding on to what Eric said, it is rumored the ride will be called Goliath because in thy “teaser” the main charecters name is David. ( David and Goliath )

  5. Eric

    Six Flags announced their 2014 plans today…

    SFMM will be running Batman: The Ride and Colossus backwards.

    SFGAM new wood coaster will indeed be named Goliath… it’s a RMC wood coaster (not an iron horse hybrid).

    SFGADV is getting its drop tower ride on the support structure of Kingda Ka coaster… it will be called Zumanjaro: Drop Of Doom, and will eclipse SFMM’s Lex Luthor: Drop Of Doom as tallest drop tower ride. Rolling Thunder will indeed be closing on September 8, after 34 years.

    SFA will be getting Rajin’ Cajun spinning coaster… but not exactly sure if it’ll be a clone of the SFGAM coaster, or if SFA is getting a hand-me-down of the SFGAM coaster.

    SFNE is getting 400ft tall New England SkyScreamer.

    SFM is indeed getting iron horse hybrid Medusa coaster.

    SFOG is getting a Hurricane Harbor water park, following the removal of Southern Star Amphitheatre. The long-term future of SFWW (a nearby stand-alone water park) remains to be seen.

    SFMM is getting a 19th coaster, in the form of a kiddie coaster, along with an expansion of their children’s section, as well as new water park attractions.

    SFOT is getting children’s section expansion as well.

    This is just to name a few.


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