Happy National Roller Coaster Day

Hopefully, you’ll find yourself at an amusement park today because it’s National Roller Coaster Day. On this day, August 16th, back in 1898 Edwin Prescott patented a looping roller coaster. Contrary to popular belief this wasn’t the first roller coaster or even the first looping roller coaster either. However this day was chosen to be Roller Coaster Day, I’m not complaining as it also happens to be my birthday.

What’s Your All-Time Favorite Roller Coaster?

This year, I thought that I’d highlight my all-time favorite roller coaster. The ride is not the best I’ve ever ridden, but it is a special ride to me. For me, Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa is still my all-time favorite roller coaster. As I wrote:

reviewed my favorite roller coaster. These days there’s nothing special about a roller coaster with seven loops. The way Kumba at Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa, FL) integrates its twisted layout with the lush tropical terrain makes it a world-class roller coaster and my favorite…

That’s still an accurate statement. I’ve ridden many new coasters since I wrote this review, but I still love this ride and it’s still hanging on at 9th in my Top Ten Roller Coasters. Kumba is a masterpiece and I’m looking forward to riding it for many years to come.

Read my full review of Kumba and check it out in the video below:

What’s Your Take?
What’s your all-time favorite roller coaster? Do you consider the best as well? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Gearhart

    My all time favorite is actually Kumba’s neighbor Montu. Great pacing, smooth, powerful forces, and those awesome trench dives. Over 300 coasters and nothing’s been able to touch the Egyptian God of War on my top 10 list.

  2. Frank

    I agree Kumba is one awesome ride and I love how the cars roar along the track…my favorite would have to be Millennium Force. The location on Lake Erie and the incredible view of Cedar Point makes it a winner to me. It is memorable because my first trip to CP was during Halloween time and it was a little chilly with mist in the air. On one of my rides it started to rain and with the incredible speed and nonstop action I thought my face was bleeding from the rain hitting me at 93 mph it hurt! Great Ride!

  3. Max

    Mine has to be Maverick. It may have been replaced with NTAG as my personal BEST RIDE, but Lake Erie at sunset is just amazing.

  4. Judy P in Pgh

    Kennywood was MOBBED today, but I got rides on my beloved Thunderbolt. Like you said about Kumba, Joel, it may not the best, but it will always be near and dear to my heart. I do believe that T-Bolt was the ONE that officially started my coaster passion. Happy birthday for about the third time today 😀 !!

  5. Will

    Mine is definitely Maverick. I think it has almost everything I could want in a roller coaster: a launch, tons of airtime, and some awesome inversions!

  6. Zach

    I definitely agree with how great kumba is but my favorite is between the beast because it was my first woodie and is a great ride or magnum xl 200 because it is just such a great ride.

  7. Zach

    I definitely agree with how great kumba is but my favorite is between the beast because it was my first woodie and is a great ride or magnum xl 200 because it is just such a great ride.

    and happy b day joel

  8. Susan

    After our recent trip to the US my new favourite is Tatsu at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Such an amazing feeling diving through that pretzel loop head first! And it is so comfortable to ride too.

  9. Eric

    My favorite rollercoaster ride of all time… it would have to be SFOG’s Mind Bender. Labeled as the world’s first ever triple looping coaster (2 vertical loops, and a diving helix)… this classic, family-friendly Schwarzkopf steel coaster is truly a gem. Mind Bender celebrated its 35th anniversary/birthday this year (2013)… I anticipate it being around for many more years to come.

    • Ryan

      Actually, corkscrew was the first tripple looping coaster with a vertical loop and 2 corkscrews. It had its 35th birthday 4 years ago.

  10. Surya

    I think my fav is iSpeed. No, it’s Expedition GeForce. Or no, it’s El toro of course! Nono, it has to be Nemesis. Damn, I can’t choose!

  11. Jesse Scott

    This is always tough, because my personal favorite tugged. I LOVE Millennium Force, no matter how many times you ride it, that first drop is so incredibly intense. Then, there is also Magnum and Maverick (I know, I feel bad about placing all these in my top since they are located at Cedar Point, but Cedar Point just has better rides.)

    Magnum and the amount of air time on it is crazy, Maverick is just so wild…. Then there is Diamondback, but I haven’t ridden that in a while so I cannot say, really. Honestly, my ALL TIME FAVORITE would have to be Diamondback because it is what opened my eyes to how awesome roller coasters are and made me a huge enthusiast.

  12. Jeremy

    Top wooden: The Phoenix @Knoebels (sorry Beast), But I will never pass up a Great Coasters International or Gravity Group creation.

    Top steel: This literally took me like 5mins to choose but i have to go with Millennium Force, Honorable mention would have to be the Volcano Blast Coaster and Intimadator @Carowinds (the better Intimadator out of the two,).
    I still don’t under stand how they thought a 300+ft hill with a flat turn at the bottom was a good idea. I305 could be the best coaster I have ever ride if it just had an over banked turn.

  13. Thacrrigler

    The Beast is what got me riding roller coasters and The Voyage at Holiday World is what got me to love them and is currently my fourth best ride. El Toro is my favorite ride overall so thus my favorite wooden and Skyrush is my favorite steel followed very closely by Maverick

  14. Mike M.

    Although the best roller coaster I have been on is Maverick, my FAVORITE would have to be Montu. I still remember my first ride on it in the rain. Always nice to have a world class coaster like it ride down the road on I-4. I actually hit up BGT yesterday. First time I’ve ever gotten completely rained out at a park. 6 hours and only managed to get one ride in on Cheetah Hunt. Got denied a ride on Montu TWICE during the day.

    I also have to give a shoutout to Tatsu’s pretzel loop as my single most favorite rollercoaster element. If I could just go through that loop over and over, I’d probably grey out in pure bliss…

  15. K.C.

    That’s tough. I finally made it to Cedar Point over the weekend and rode Maverick. I think that stole Kumba’s number 1 spot, so Maverick, Kumba, and The New Texas Giant.


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