Kumba - Busch Gardens Tampa

Happy National Roller Coaster Day 2013

Happy National Roller Coaster Day

Hopefully, you’ll find yourself at an amusement park today because it’s National Roller Coaster Day. On this day, August 16th, back in 1898 Edwin Prescott patented a looping roller coaster. Contrary to popular belief this wasn’t the first roller coaster or even the first looping roller coaster either. However this day was chosen to be Roller Coaster Day, I’m not complaining as it also happens to be my birthday.

What’s Your All-Time Favorite Roller Coaster?

This year, I thought that I’d highlight my all-time favorite roller coaster. The ride is not the best I’ve ever ridden, but it is a special ride to me. For me, Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa is still my all-time favorite roller coaster. As I wrote:

reviewed my favorite roller coaster. These days there’s nothing special about a roller coaster with seven loops. The way Kumba at Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa, FL) integrates its twisted layout with the lush tropical terrain makes it a world-class roller coaster and my favorite…

That’s still an accurate statement. I’ve ridden many new coasters since I wrote this review, but I still love this ride and it’s still hanging on at 9th in my Top Ten Roller Coasters. Kumba is a masterpiece and I’m looking forward to riding it for many years to come.

Read my full review of Kumba and check it out in the video below:

What’s Your Take?
What’s your all-time favorite roller coaster? Do you consider the best as well? Leave a comment below.