Roller Coaster Loop Gap - YouTube Geek Week

The Loop Gap Roller Coaster: YouTube Geek Week Commercial

I was at a wedding recently and people were asking me about two things. The Texas Giant accident and the roller coaster with a gap in its loop from the YouTube commercial running on TV. In case you missed it, YouTube’s been promoting their Geek Week with the commercial above.

FreddieW’s “Roller Coaster Tycoons” – Fun with Special Effects

Roller Coaster Loop Gap - YouTube Geek WeekAfter some research I found the source of the clip in the commercial. It’s from featured Geek Week channel FreddieW. During his “Roller Coaster Tycoons” episode he visits Six Flags Magic Mountain for roller coaster day. And I don’t mean August 16th, which is National Roller Coaster Day. Freddie chose April 27th as roller coaster day in his effort to invent his own new holiday hoping that there’d be a day with no lines because everyone would be at work and school.

Anyway, during his escapades at the park, (1:50 in the video) we see B&M floorless coaster Scream! with a gap in its vertical loop. Also, at 2:14 we see a section of Goliath’s first drop removed and the cars fall to the ground.

Have you noticed the YouTube Geek Week commercial? Would you want to ride a roller coaster with a gap in its loop? Leave a comment below.