Will Six Flags Great America’s 2014 Attraction Involve a Rocky Mountain Conversion

I came across a really interesting rumor for Six Flags Great America’s next new ride. According to Screamscape, there’s a rumor that American Eagle, a twin track racing wooden roller coaster, could get a Rocky Mountain steel track conversion for just one of the circuits. Thus, making giving one of the tracks the ability to do extreme banking and even loops (like Iron Rattler and New Texas Giant) while the other track would continue to provide a traditional wooden coaster experience.
American Eagle - Six Flags Great America - Courtesy of CoasterImage.com

Racing Woodies Need an Upgrade!

Even if this turns out to be just a rumor, this is an incredible idea. There are several racing wooden coasters around the country that are a bit stale in my opinion. This decades-old design could use some modern ingenuity.

Theme parks have already realized that they they could use some spicing up. In the past, some of these twin racers ran one of their tracks with backwards-facing trains. This did provide a different experience and a reason to ride both sides. More could be done to add some real variety to the experiences. A steel I-Box track conversion would really make for an interesting experience. Especially if they continue to race or even have a few points where the coasters duel. The steel side could do a corkscrew over the wooden side!

Keep The Racer, The Rest are Fair Game

The Racer at Kings Island is an ACE Roller Coaster Landmark seen as partly responsible for kicking off the Second Golden Age of Roller Coasters. So, I doubt that we’d ever see a revamping of that ride and I wouldn’t suggest one.

But American Eagle and the following are fair game in my opinion: Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion (could use a name change too!), Rolling Thunder at Six Flags Great Adventure, and Thunder Road at Carowinds (which straddles two states!).

Again, an American Eagle upgrade is only a rumor at this point. Other rumors point to one of those SkyScreamer tower swing rides that have been popping up at Six Flags parks. Here’s a video teasing Six Flags Great America’s 2014 attraction:

What’s Your Take
What do you think Six Flags Great America will add? Do you like the idea of a Racing Wooden Coaster with steel side? Comment and vote in the poll below.[poll id=”102″]

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  1. Mike M.

    Seems like a good idea. Most of the racing woodies that I’ve experienced in the past few years were only running one side (Colossus, Rebel Yell, Rolling Thunder, Thunder Road, Gwazi, and I believe the Racer) I can only recall one wooden racer running both sides (Lightning Racer). This falls into Six Flags recent strategy of revamping coasters vs. purchasing new ones. I’m all for it!

    Now if there was only a way to revamp old Arrow coasters…

    • Ryan

      There is. If you use a new vekoma model, which are quite smooth, you can do that.

    • Matthew

      The Racer at Kennywood runs both trains. And dispatches them at the same time! 😉

  2. CoDPro

    I’d rather see the geniuses at Rocky Mountain build their own dueler/racer from the ground up, now that would be sick, awesome, or anything in that territory. Imagine something combing features of Dualing Dragon with elements like the ones seen on Outlaw Run and the other RMC creations,
    But how about throwing the new Velkoma trains (like on Carolina Cobra)on them? considering that some Velkoma loopers run Arrow trains and vice-versa, and an Arrow suspended (Vampire in the UK)runs Velkoma trains,
    But not American Eagle, there is no reason to, they aren’t brutally rough like OTG (Old Texas Giant), Rattler, or Medusa at SFM (right now just a rumor), it just seems stupid to do that to good rides, The Boss could use this, there are the rumors of SFMM’s Colossus, there are better candidates for the RMC Iron Horse treatment in Six Flags parks, heck, the defunct Hercules could have been made so insane and good, too bad RMC went into building/overhauling coasters eight years too late for that (give them a time machine though, and Hydra might not exist with what potential Hercules had), that’s just my two cents,

  3. ProfBAM

    I think that the video seems like it’s hinting another Goliath. Possibly to replace Iron Wolf.

  4. Alex F

    I know this would cost loads of money but why not just give both coasters a Rocky Mountain upgrade so that they could still race? Start with a similar first drop then race each other on some airtime hills, some extreme bankings, some inversions, and finish through a tunnel. The coasters could change speeds in the tunnel so that it could really be like a race and there would be a winning coaster. Both coasters would switch who wins every run.

  5. Eric

    I picture SFGAM likely getting new coaster… either in the form of a Premier Rides launch coaster (inspired by SFMM’s new Full Throttle or SFDK’s Superman)… or a Gerstlauer (spinning coaster with the Pandemonium name… or a euro-fighter). New coaster likely being housed in the former Iron Wolf location. Not exactly sure about American Eagle or Viper being lined up to get RMC hybrid transformation, via iron horse re-track. I’ve even heard rumors of SFGAM possibly looking to remove one of their existing coasters. I lean toward SFGAM possibly getting a 242ft tall SkyScreamer in 2014 as well.

  6. Lou

    I’ve seen videos of American Eagle, and from the looks of it, it’s a pretty fun ride.

    I’m not a huge fan of turning classic wooden coasters into steel ones.

    I think a better idea would be to give the ride new trains with steering mechanisms (like Timberliners or RMC trains), re-track the rougher sections, speed up the lifts, and get rid of the trim brakes.

    It would be cheaper, and the ride would become more intense while retaining its classic feel.

  7. Eric

    I’d prefer that SFGAM leave American Eagle as a traditional wood coaster. I agree with Lou’s idea of re-tracking the rougher sections… new topper track in sections showing signs of stress. I could picture Viper getting RMC hybrid transformation instead (re-themed as “Iron Viper”).

    Other Six Flags wood coasters I picture getting RMC hybrid transformations…

    SFGADV’s Rolling Thunder
    SFMM’s Colossus
    SFSTL’s Boss
    SFOG’s Georgia Cyclone
    SFA’s Roar
    SFNE’s Cyclone
    SFDK’s Roar
    La Ronde’s Le Mostre (French for The Monster)

    • 1570626

      Why would they revamp viper if it is one of the best wooden coasters in the US in many people’s oppinion? Viper is amazing the way it is!

    • 1570626

      BTW Viper is way better than American Eagle. Have you been on both rides? SFGAM is my home park and I live 10 minutes away. I have been on American Eagle 8 times and Viper 13 times.

  8. Mak

    Although this is a good idea, I don’t think it will happen until 2015. Medusa at six flags Mexico is almost definitely getting the iron horse treatment due to the fact that their website said the ride would be close hot then rest of the year. I’d also like to see SFNEs cyclone get the iron horse treatment. That ride is awful, Abe SFNE needs a good roller coaster other than bizzaro.


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