Ragin Cajun Roller Coaster - Six Flags America 2014Washington DC-area theme park Six Flags America will be getting a new roller coaster in 2014. Ragin’ Cajun will be a spinning roller coaster with cars that spin 360 degrees during hairpin turns.

Ragin’ Cajun will be the park’s ninth roller coaster. This fast-track roller coaster twists, turns, tilts, and rotatesaround a 1,378-foot-long zigzagging track. The unique four-passenger train spins 360° and zips through breathtaking turns, which are sure to thrill even the most extreme coaster riders. This roller coaster is sure to be as wild as its name and will add a new and adrenaline-charged ride experience to the existing coaster collection. – Six Flags America Announcement

Coaster Critic and Ragin Cajun Roller Coaster - Six Flags Great AmericaThe ride will be relocated from Chicago’s Six Flags Great America. Stand up roller coaster Iron Wolf was relocated from the same park just a few years ago. It was re-branded Apocalypse when it reopened at Six Flags America.

Mini-Review of Ragin’ Cajun

While it’s not a big thrill ride, solid family roller coasters can be good additions too. I rode Ragin’ Cajun last year when I was at Great America and it was a fun little ride. Roller coasters with spinning cars aren’t all that common so they’ll likely provide something new for most riders. And thankfully, the cars don’t spin too many times. At least the car I was riding in didn’t.

Ragin’ Cajun also had the bonus of the rare, single rider line that my friend and I took advantage of. As long as you don’t mind riding with strangers, you can cut an enormous amount of time off of your wait. Hopefully, they’ll have one in Maryland too.

New Mardi Gras Section & French Quarter Flyers

Best of all, Ragin’ Cajun is only part of a re-themed Mardi Gras section that will include the music and food of New Orleans. The new area will also include a flying scooter ride called French Quarter Flyers. The Mardi Gras section will be a re-theming of the Southwest Territory according to Screamscape. I’m from Virginia so this was one of my first theme parks. I’m glad to see some growth at a once very stagnant park.

Read more at the official Six Flags America 2014 Announcement page. Also, check out the video below:

What’s Your Take?
Are any Great America fans sad to see Ragin Cajun go? Are Six Flags America fans excited for the new area and rides?

7 Responses

  1. Nathan

    I’ve been on Primeval Whirl at WDW Animal Kingdom, and it’s not a bad ride. It will be fun for the younger kids especially because of the spinning cars.

  2. DRU

    It’s better than nothing, but I’m not too excited. I have been on one like this on the Steel Pier in Atlantic City and it was fun but it’s really a kiddie coaster. Also Steel Dragon at Waldameer.
    I wish they would spend some real money at this park. It is so close to the richest area in the country and it’s probably the worst Six Flags Park. I can get through all the coasters in this park in like 2.5 hours.
    All we have gotten lately has been hand me downs, again better than nothing but I wish they would invest more. Also this park has a huge amount of space for expansion.

  3. ethan

    ^I agree with DRU that more money should be spent. I could really see SFA with a record breaking woodie similar to Goliath at SFGAM. That, or even an “Iron Roar”.

  4. ethan

    Also, if you ask me, the Great Escape is the worst Six Flags park. What is so great about a park with little to no coasters and a decent waterpark? I go to theme parks for coasters and flat rides, so the Great Escape will not be on my list. It reminds me of a Mix if Darien Lake and Seabreeze.

  5. Eric

    Ragin’ Cajun will be 2nd SFGAM hand-me-down coaster, some 2 years after receiving SFGAM’s former Iron Wolf (renamed Apocalypse). Ragin’ Cajun will be SFA’s 9th coaster come 2014. I picture SFA possibly receiving a SkyScreamer ride in 2015… and Roar wood coaster eventually getting RMC iron horse transformation.

    Great Escape’s coaster line-up…
    – Steamin’ Demon (Arrow Dynamics Corkscrew coaster)
    – Comet (Herbert Paul Schmeck/Philadelphia Toboggan Company wooden coaster)
    – Boomerang Coast-To-Coaster (Vekoma Boomerang coaster)
    – Alpine Bobsled (Intamin Bobsled coaster)
    – Canyon Blaster (Arrow Dynamics Mine Train coaster)
    – Frankie’s Mine Train (Zamperla Steel Kiddie coaster)

    @ethan – I would have to agree with Great Escape being the worst Six Flags Park… having only 6 coaster, and hasn’t received new coaster in nearly 10 years. It would be nice for Great Escape to get a 7th coaster… in the form of either Premier Rides launch coaster, Gerstlauer spinning coaster, or B&M coaster… I believe Six Flags can do better. I could picture Great Escape eventually receiving a SkyScreamer… and could picture Comet wood coaster eventually getting RMC iron horse transformation.

  6. Tavic

    Kinda sad to see it go. I didn’t know anything about it being relocated until I saw a gravestone for it here at Fright Fest-Geat America, so I had to look it up.

    I’ve rode similar ones in the past but this one is definitely unique in own way. A great tip for new riders, put the heaviest riders to one side and it’ll spin like mad!

    Take care of her and enjoy Wahington DC!

  7. Corey

    I was shocked to see it coming to SFA when it was announced last year as it was a ball from left field. Much needed for SFA, but I do want a true investment myself. In due time.

    I totally missed out riding it while it was Great America last spring. I only had four hours in the park on my way to Milwaukee. I couldn’t find it as it was pretty packed that day so I opted to skip it in favor of the bigger coasters.

    Kind of sad I didn’t experience it then to see how it fares at both locations.


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