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Flying Turns Finally Opens | POV Video & Reviews

Flying Turns Opens at Knoebels - EntranceAfter more than 7 years of construction, Knoebels opened Flying Turns earlier this month. I’m sure the queue (pictured to the right) was quite a beautiful sight for the many that have waited for this ride’s opening.The roller coaster is a throwback to the wooden bobsled coasters and was inspired by similar coasters by the same name from the 1930’s.

Flying Turns was built in-house by Knoebels and it was quite a complex ride to figure out. Thankfully, all that hard work has paid off and it’s been delivering rides since the night of October 4th. Here’s a POV video of the Flying Turns at Knoebels:

Note – This video was filmed with permission by the park. For safety reasons, do not take cameras on rides.

Reader Judy sent in a few pictures from the opening weekend.Flying Turns Opens at Knoebels - Lift Hill - Turns
While she didn’t ride it due to the 1 hour and 10 minute wait, I asked her to report back on the reactions people had for the long-awaited ride. This comment could sum up a lot of rides:

The general public say its too long to wait for a relatively short ride. People in coaster shirts say it was worth waiting years for.
– Judy

She also shared that people remarked on how smooth it is and how unique it is. Screamscape has posted a review of Flying Turns that compares to one of its modern-day descendants Avalanche Bobsled at Kings Dominion.

Of course the first pull and small run are very mediocre, but after the main lift, the ride takes on an ever increasing speed sense of danger. Unlike the metal bobsled at Kings Dominion in Virginia, the ride is not only glass-smooth (amazing!) but the trough is sculpted and shaped to created a kind of whipsaw motion where you are sliding faster from side to side so strongly that you begin to think – “if this ride continues much further and keeps gaining speed – we could be in some danger here….” –

I’m glad that Knoebels was able to open Flying Turns. It’ll be just another reason that everyone should make it to that Central PA park at some point. I’m looking forward to experiencing Flying Turns myself with my family someday.

How do you think Flying Turns looks? Have you been lucky enough to ride it? Leave a review below.