Earlier this week, 12 riders were stuck on Universal Studio’s Rip Ride Rockit. The train had stopped near the top of the ride’s 90-degree vertical lift some 150 feet in the air. Firefighters rescued the riders nearly 3 hours after the incident began.

Here’s a news story including the 911 call:

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There are no details on the accident from Universal other than that a “technical glitch” caused the train to stop. One person who complained of neck pain was taken to the hospital, but other than that, it sounds like there were no injuries. Since the breakdown, Rip Ride Rockit has been reopened to the public. That would not be a fun place to be stuck as I’m sure the riders felt like they could start falling back down the lift at any moment.

More on this story at ClickOrlando.

Also, check out my interview with one of the designers behind Rip Ride Rockit here:

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  1. Marcia

    That would really stink to be stuck up there not knowing when/if the ride would move.:P

  2. Matt McIrvin

    What I thought of was how it would feel to be stuck on the vertical lift for Hersheypark’s Fahrenheit… knowing that the lift doesn’t even have anti-rollback dogs (they use a double chain for redundancy instead, but if I were stuck there I’d have plenty of time to wonder if that was really enough!)

  3. Matt McIrvin

    …I was looking for information about the Universal parks yesterday in preparation for my upcoming visit, and noticed that they had just happened to have another stuck-train incident, on Incredible Hulk this time! At least the riders wouldn’t be flat on their backs on a vertical lift.

  4. Matt McIrvin

    …looks like on Hulk, the first set of block brakes right at the end of the ride stopped the train just as it was rolling out of them (and another train stopped normally on the mid-course brakes). So the firefighters would have just had to rescue the few people who were sitting forward of the edge of the platform.


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