FireChaser Express Video - Dollywood

New Video of FireChaser Express at Dollywood

Dollywood released an animated video of their new roller coaster, FireChaser Express last week. The family ride, which is scheduled to open in March 2014, will have the distinction of both a forward and backward launch.

Here’s a new animated video of FireChaser Express coming to Dollywood in 2014:

FireChaser Should be a Blast!

FireChaser Express Construction - DollywoodI’m impressed. Not only does this family roller coaster look good, but it also looks like it’ll provide a fun and lengthy ride. RCDB lists the ride at 2,427 feet long. That’s about an average length for a coaster like this. Carowinds’ Carolina Goldrusher is 2,397 for example. But since riders will get to travel that both forward and backwards, they’ll be given quite a long ride. FireChaser’s capacity isn’t the greatest, but at least your wait should be worth it!

Reader Judy sent in this construction photo of the area where FireChaser will be built. The Adventure Mountain ropes course attraction has been mostly removed. As you can see some of those towers still remain and Dollywood will be using some of them as pass-thrus for FireChaser that’ll provide those fun near-misses.

I’ve been hoping for a rebirth or resurgence in mine train roller coasters and this might be the next best thing. Since I’m lucky enough to only be about 4 hours from Dollywood, I’m really looking forward to riding this with my kids.

Read more at the official FireChaser mini-site.

What’s Your Take?
How do you think FireChaser looks? Leave a comment below. Thanks to Judy for the image.