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The team over at Coaster101 wrote a great post about what they’re hoping to see at IAAPA this year.  Here’s an IAAPA 2013 Wishlist:

The big IAAPA convention is kicking off soon. This yearly conference for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Aquarium is a colossal expo where industry professionals are on hand to buy or sell the latest theme park rides and technology, and many parks make announcements about their new additions. Basically, IAAPA is like Christmas for roller coaster enthusiasts and theme park fans!

There are a few things we know we’re going to see at this year’s expo, like Dollywood unveiling the trains for their new FireChaser Express coaster. Below is our list of the top ten things we’d like to see at IAAPA, from most likely to happen to only in our dreams.

Top Ten Things We’re Hoping to See at IAAPA

(Listed from most realistic to unrealistic)

1. B&M displaying one of Banshee’s cars. This new coaster opening at Kings Island in 2014 will feature the next evolution in the inverted coaster train design. The restraints are a new iteration of the ones seen on the wing coasters and the park promised us the vest won’t get progressively tighter throughout the ride.

2. We would love to see more details on the Guardian on Wonder Mountain (Wonder Mountain’s Guardian?) a hybrid coaster/ interactive dark ride going into Canada’s Wonderland. We know the attraction will have the world’s longest video screen but that’s about it. What are the vehicles going to look like? How will the riders interact with the screen?

3. All remaining rides at the former Hard Rock Park / Freestyle Music Park are now up for sale. It’d be great to know for sure who buys each ride. Hopefully they don’t all end up in China.

4. Kentucky Kingdom announced earlier they would be installing a steel roller coaster for the upcoming season. What ride is it going to be? Is it a brand new coaster or a relocated ride? Perhaps it’s a coaster from Freestyle? Hopefully we find out.

5. We love to see a hint or clue to the long rumored Busch Gardens Tampa B&M coaster project that may be the first in Florida to pass the 300-foot mark.

6. A company unveils a new generation of virtual queuing that eliminates waiting in line, is fair to everyone, and is free to use. Most of the current systems only encompass one or two of those features but not all three.

7. Lagoon Park to reveal the layout and more details about their new steel coaster project, rumored to be called Cannibal. If the park is truly designing this ride in-house like we suspect then they probably have little incentive to talk about it but we’d still love to hear more about it. Rumors say the cars will reach the 200+ foot height by way of an elevator lift.

8. To learn more about the secret Gringotts Bank indoor coaster under construction at Universal Studio Florida’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley. Very little is known about this attraction but is sure to be one of the best in Orlando.

9. Disney drops more details about Pandora at Animal Kingdom. What kind of ride systems can we expect? Just give us anything to make us think this isn’t a bad idea!

10. A park in the US announces they are building an Intamin mega-lite coaster. Totally not going to happen but we can dream, right? Mega-lites are airtime filled machines and some of the most talked about coasters by those few who have been able to ride them. Some parks we believe are great candidates for an Intamin Mega-Lite:

– Knoebels. An earthy-toned Mega-Lite would look great rising above the Knoebels treeline. Think Piraten at Djurs Sommerland.

– Kentucky Kingdom. The park is rumored to build a new steel coaster. Although details are sketchy, a Mega-Lite would fit well with the park’s current selection of coasters.

– California’s Great America. A Mega-Lite would fit well into this space-constrained park. Of course, it would also give residents of Southern California a new reason to travel north.

What’s on your 2013 IAAPA wishlist?

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12 Responses

  1. Prof.BAM

    Kentucky Kingdom’s new Lightning Run coaster is a Chance-Morgan Hyper GT-X. Basically their version of an Intamin mega-lite.

  2. Kevin

    I’ve been wondering, is IAAPA open to all enthusiasts who are part of a club, or is it only for high-ranked people in the industry?

  3. Eric

    Another wish list item or 2 that I would add. To learn more about new Grand Texas theme park and waterpark. Grand Texas (Houston) is scheduled to open in 2015, some 10 years following the closure of AstroWorld. I’m hoping we could learn more about proposed the mine train coaster, and whether it’s a wood coaster or steel coaster, and the manufacturer… as well as the line-up of other rides and attractions… and if Grand Texas is indeed getting AstroWorld’s former Greezed Lightnin’ coaster (Schwarzkopf shuttle loop), and eyeing any Freestyle Music Park rides… and so forth.

    With news of new polercoaster/observation tower being planned for Emerson, GA (north of Atlanta). To learn if a small, independent theme park could and might possibly be in the works, alongside the proposed LakePoint Sporting Community and polercoaster attraction.

  4. CoDAce

    I hope that Mount Olympus doesn’t make any stupid announcements like last year with Mistake 360 as i still call it. Other than that I’d like to know more about Lake Monster at Darien Lake, not that I’ll likely ever get out there, but if it is in fact a GG wooden looper while i still say it’s a crime, at least they take care of their rides.
    But i do have to agree with Erick on the details of Grand Texas, it’s a mystery and it seems to be actually shaping up unlike Earthquest which for all purposes is a dead project.
    The Mega Lite would be neat to have in the U.S., but Lightning Run is likely the closest that we’ll get here to one, and I hope that Rocky Mountain does something to Twisted Twins, because an RMC IRon Horse Dueler sounds amazing, the name though, I don’t know what it could be called, ‘New Twisted Twins’, ‘Twisted Metal’ or something like that,

  5. Eric

    I like the idea of Twisted Twins wood coaster possibly being transformed into a steel-hybrid wood coaster (iron horse re-track)… hopefully we’ll find out if that could be what Kentucky Kingdom is planning for 2016. I believe T2 will be renamed T3 when it reopens in 2015, and likely to remain a Vekoma SLC. I’m assuming RMC has given Thunder Run wood coaster repairs and new topper track.

    The new Lightning Run coaster, FearFall drop tower ride, Hurricane Bay expansion, and 5-D cinema attraction look very promising.

  6. Ryan

    Well, we got lightning run for KK. At least its good to see morgan back, and it is sort of a mega-lite, right?

  7. kal_el22

    Well supposedly grand Texas is going to have actually get greezed lightnin and the wooden coaster is supposed to be one of the top ten in height and theere will be a steel coaster that will have one of the largest inversions

  8. Matt McIrvin

    For me, the most exciting thing to come out was the announcement of Story Land’s new Gravity Group family woodie, Roar-O-Saurus! It looks like a really fun little ride, similar in scale and concept to Quassy’s Wooden Warrior, and possibly well-suited to be my kid’s first wooden coaster. We’ll have to make a trip up there once it opens.

  9. ethan

    I’m more excited for Wonder Mountain’s Guardian than anything else coming in 2014. I’m very intrigued to see what the ride will look like. I’ll watch it over and over on Youtube. I can’t wait to see the finished product!


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