CoasterGuy14 did a nice overview of Kentucky Kingdon’s new Lightning Run ride and the park’s other additions in this YouTube video: Analysis of Lightning Run.I figured that I couldn’t have done a better job than he did, so just check this out and let us know what you think.

I’ve been hoping for one of those fan favorite Intamin Megalites in the U.S. for quite some time. It looks like this Chance mini-hyper will be the closest thing to it.

It looks great to me. What do you think about this new addition?

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  1. ethan

    This is terrible….. absolute rubbish….. SIKE! This looks amazing! I think this coaster will do very well in bringing attendance to the park next year. This coaster has everything coaster enthusiasts love: airtime, twists, speed and over-banked turns. And the best part is that this coaster was only 7 million! I was expecting a euro fighter, a mega lite or and El Loco coaster but this is way better! kudos to Kentucky Kingdom, and I hope this coaster is just as great as I expect it to be!

  2. Eric

    YouTube user TheCoasterguy14 does have some nice videos of rollercoaster analysis, theme park comparisons, and so forth. He sounds like he’s young (I’d guess mid-to-late teens or early 20s), but not sure of his age and his name. Not to be confused with The Coaster Guy (Kurt) of

    On the Kentucky Kingdom topic. Greezed Lightnin’ (Schwarzkopf shuttle loop) coaster is history… SkyCoaster and Go-Karts upcharge attractions appear to be no more. Not sure if Twisted Twins wood coaster will be transformed into a steel hybrid/iron horse re-track (think SFOT’s Texas Giant, SFFT’s Iron Rattler, and SFM’s new Medusa Steel Coaster) in time for 2016. Lightning Run hyper-coaster, Fearfall drop tower ride, expanded Hurricane Bay waterpark, and 5D cinema attractions look very promising.

  3. ethan

    To answer your question Eric, I think TheCoasterguy14’s name is Taylor and he is 16 years old.

  4. Grant P.

    Looks like an amazing coaster, however the general admission to Kentucky Kingdom seems a little pricey for much smaller park not too far from Kings Island.


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