Valleyfair - 2014 Expansion Route 76

Valleyfair Adding Route 76 – A New Area & Family Ride

Valleyfair - 2014 Expansion Route 76Valleyfair will be opening a new family area in 2014 called Route 76. It will be located near Steel Venom and it will incorporate a relocated rides like an Antique Autos car ride, Tilt-a-Whirl, and Scrambler. The signature ride of the area will be a new family ride called Northern Lights. Similar to Cedar Point’s Pipe Scream that was announced a few weeks ago, Northern Lights is a Zamperla flat ride that gives some of the sensations experienced on a roller coaster.

Valleyfair! is one of the few big chain theme parks that I haven’t made it to yet.

Remember thrill junkies, the admissions, food, and merchandise purchases made by families help “fund” those thrill rides you love. There’s a yin and yang here.

Here’s a video of Northern Lights:

You can also read more about Route 76 here on Valleyfair’s website.

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