Valleyfair - 2014 Expansion Route 76Valleyfair will be opening a new family area in 2014 called Route 76. It will be located near Steel Venom and it will incorporate a relocated rides like an Antique Autos car ride, Tilt-a-Whirl, and Scrambler. The signature ride of the area will be a new family ride called Northern Lights. Similar to Cedar Point’s Pipe Scream that was announced a few weeks ago, Northern Lights is a Zamperla flat ride that gives some of the sensations experienced on a roller coaster.

Valleyfair! is one of the few big chain theme parks that I haven’t made it to yet.

Remember thrill junkies, the admissions, food, and merchandise purchases made by families help “fund” those thrill rides you love. There’s a yin and yang here.

Here’s a video of Northern Lights:

You can also read more about Route 76 here on Valleyfair’s website.

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  1. ProfBAM

    It is interesting to note a few things:
    –The park called Northern lights a full-on “Roller Coaster” for a few weeks before calling it a “Family Ride”
    –The park is not yet adding a “Flyers”
    –The Park has just torn down their IMAX theater, which is adjacent to the water park
    –The park has rumored that Hydroblaster is leaving soon, also adjacent to the water park
    –The tilt-a-whirl is being relocated. Formerly, it was adjacent to the water park
    –The Scrambler is being relocated. For no current discernible purpose
    –The unused amphitheater is still standing. Its location is near route 76
    –The skycoaster is staying but, it’s not in the promo artwork
    –Where is the Steel Venom entrance in the artwork?

  2. Judy P in Pgh

    I mananged to hit both ValleyFair and Worlds of Fun this summer and found them to both be wonderful family parks, especially for those with kids in the upper elementary to middle school age range. They have a nice mix of rides that are a step above kiddieland, but not extremely intense. My favorites at both parks were the wooden coasters … Renegade at Valleyfair (my personal 300th coaster) and Prowler at Worlds of Fun. Those two rides alone made it worth the trip from Pittsburgh. The relaxed atmosphere at both parks was much more enjoyable than the typical frenzy at Cedar Point or man of the 6 Flags parks I have visited. I think that by adding the new Route 76 area, ValleyFair will contine to cater to families who seemed to make up the majority of the crowd on the day I visited.


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