Kodiak Canyon - Multi-Path Roller Coaster Concept

Kodiak Canyon: Roller Coasters Meet “Choose Your Own Adventure”

Theme Park Tourist asked me what theme park rides might look like in the future. I remembered that I wrote about some ride futuristic ride concepts that I’d imagined a while back. I shared my concept for Kodiak Canyon; a mine train roller coaster where riders choose the layout that they’ll experience. At two brake runs during the ride, a switch track would direct the trains based on votes received via the on-board voting panel. An artist produced the awesome rendering for it above.

If something like this does get built, I’ll have to come out of retirement just to remind everyone of my prophetic post way back in 2014! And also, if it is ever built be sure that parks would push to have the most switches and possible ride paths. The re-ride worthiness would be very high, but if the other riders didn’t vote the way you wanted, it would be pretty frustrating.

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What do you think of these future ride concepts? Which of them look the most interesting or plausible? Which sound like they’d be the most fun? What ride concepts do you have? Leave a comment below.

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  1. kal_el22

    I think instead of voting I think they should just rotate on the layouts and have like a sign saying which layout will be next that way ppl don’t choose the same one over and over but it look like an awesome concept! By the way have you checked out that theme park that’s coming to Houston? I know I’ve bugged you a few times about it lol but I think it’s worth checking out


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