Grand Texas Theme Park - Houston TX - Illustration

The Latest on Houston’s Grand Texas Theme Park

Maybe I ‘m a bit jaded after covering proposed parks over the years that never came to be, but it looks like the Grand Texas Theme Park project might be the real deal. The Houston-area theme park is scheduled to open in New Caney, Texas in the summer of 2015.
Grand Texas Theme Park - Houston TX - Illustration

AstroWorld’s Greezed Lightning Will Not Be Returning to Houston

Recent updates include news that AstroWorld’s Schwarzkopf shuttle looper Greezed Lightning will not be returning to Houston after all. While it was a part of the park’s early plans, they’ve decided to go in a different direction. More here: The new AstroWorld is not bringing back Greased Lightnin’ after all

Arson Incident at Construction Site

Also, according to the project’s Facebook page, there was an arson incident earlier this month:

There was an arson event at the site over the holiday. Because our concern is first for the safety of our surrounding neighbors and then for the flora and fauna on the site, we are requesting that no one enter the site without authorization from GT Operating Company.

Please pass the word to other nearby residents. Trespassers will be prosecuted. We appreciate support from our Facebook family and the safety of our neighbors.

And last month, there was an article that mentioned the number of roller coasters that we might expect to see. While there are no details about the type of coasters, a mention is better than nothing.

…the Grand Texas theme park will be divided into multiple sections. Grand Boardwalk will boost a Victorian feel, Pecos Territory will feature the wilder rides that include a total of five roller coasters, and Main Street will present a nostalgia-tinged version of Texas history. – New AstroWorld Promises 5 Roller Coasters & No Price Gouging

It sounds like construction will be beginning soon. So, I’d imagine we’ll start to see plenty of coverage as Grand Texas Theme Park takes shape. I’m glad to see that one of the 4 Major Cities That Need An Amusement Park┬áthat I wrote about on Gadling, will finally have one in 2015.

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