Maybe I ‘m a bit jaded after covering proposed parks over the years that never came to be, but it looks like the Grand Texas Theme Park project might be the real deal. The Houston-area theme park is scheduled to open in New Caney, Texas in the summer of 2015.
Grand Texas Theme Park - Houston TX - Illustration

AstroWorld’s Greezed Lightning Will Not Be Returning to Houston

Recent updates include news that AstroWorld’s Schwarzkopf shuttle looper Greezed Lightning will not be returning to Houston after all. While it was a part of the park’s early plans, they’ve decided to go in a different direction. More here: The new AstroWorld is not bringing back Greased Lightnin’ after all

Arson Incident at Construction Site

Also, according to the project’s Facebook page, there was an arson incident earlier this month:

There was an arson event at the site over the holiday. Because our concern is first for the safety of our surrounding neighbors and then for the flora and fauna on the site, we are requesting that no one enter the site without authorization from GT Operating Company.

Please pass the word to other nearby residents. Trespassers will be prosecuted. We appreciate support from our Facebook family and the safety of our neighbors.

And last month, there was an article that mentioned the number of roller coasters that we might expect to see. While there are no details about the type of coasters, a mention is better than nothing.

…the Grand Texas theme park will be divided into multiple sections. Grand Boardwalk will boost a Victorian feel, Pecos Territory will feature the wilder rides that include a total of five roller coasters, and Main Street will present a nostalgia-tinged version of Texas history. – New AstroWorld Promises 5 Roller Coasters & No Price Gouging

It sounds like construction will be beginning soon. So, I’d imagine we’ll start to see plenty of coverage as Grand Texas Theme Park takes shape. I’m glad to see that one of the 4 Major Cities That Need An Amusement Park that I wrote about on Gadling, will finally have one in 2015.

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  1. kal_el22

    Awesome thanks for the post! And I understand what you mean so many parks have been proposed and none have gone beyond concept art (ex : earth quest adventures) I was disappointed earth quest never came to be but this is just what Houston needs

  2. Eric

    I would like to say that the coaster (in the above image) looks to be wood coaster, but not sure of its manufacturer. Not sure what other coasters Grand Texas is working on. I’m aware that AstroWorld’s former Greezed Lightnin’ (Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop coaster) is unlikely to be rebuilt. Not sure if Grand Texas could and might instead opt for either…

    Launch coasters (non-chain/cable lift): Intamin Inverted Twisted Impulse (similar/identical to Six Flags Great America’s Vertical Velocity and Cedar Point’s Wicked Twister)… or something by Premier Rides (something inspired by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Superman: Ultimate Flight).

    Chain/cable lift coasters (non-launch): Intamin Zac-Spin (similar/identical to Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Green Lantern: First Flight)… S&S Worldwide El Loco (similar/identical to Indiana Beach’s Steel Hawg)… Vekoma Boomerang (either the traditional boomerang, invertigo, or giant inverted boomerang)… or GCI Switchback (new wood coaster inspired by TOGO Ultra Twister).

  3. kal_el22

    @ Eric according to the park map on the website that one pictured above is supposed to be the mine train coaster and there will be four others one being a kiddie, steel coaster ,shuttle coaster that will be in the style of greezed lightnin allegedly
    and a woodie hopefully a prefab intamin because they have a picture of what looks to be either el toro or colossos from heide park so maybe that’s what they are shooting for

  4. Eric

    @kal_el22 I stand corrected regarding the above image. As for Greezed Lightnin’ coaster… I could picture Gerstlauer possibly being contracted for 21st century incarnation of the iconic Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop coaster, if Grand Texas isn’t planning on something different.

    In the case of the wood coaster, I believe an El Toro inspired woodie would be promising… or something along the lines of White Lightning… or Texas Cyclone 2.0.

  5. TheRay

    Well, here it is May 13, 2015 and there is not a word on Grand Texas or continued on-going construction at its proposed site.
    Could someone please enlighten individual such as myself that are very much anticipating the actual opening of a full Amusement park in the Houston area other than, the skimpy Kemah boardwalk, Downtown aquarium,or Pleasure Pier in Galveston……Is there an amusement park still in the works or not and if so, can we get some photos of the actual building as it progress, Your Response is very much Needed

    • Joel

      Sorry. I don’t have anything to share on this. My research usually starts and ends with Screamscape. Lance seems to catch wind of rumors and news faster than anyone else. Might want to stay tuned to his page.


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